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Yardley London Review – #SummerScents

Summers are in ‘HELLO SUMMERS’ and so is the time of sweating and being vigilant about your body scent. At this time of the season, building up a fragrant blind giving you a feeling of freshness is an essential. A deodorant or body spray should always be the must have products of your handbag in order to cope up with the awfulness of the season. Also, I go crazy over the products that smell good (Especially during summers). Prior to this review I had never heard of Yardley London but my mom and my grandmothers told me that the brand has been around for many years and has been quite reliable for many generations. You could say that Yardley was/is their signature scent. My mom still brings its body sprays and perfumed talc every time she goes for grocery shopping. One of London’s and probably the world’s oldest and popular companies, proficient in fragrances and cosmetics, Yardley has pampered the women’s realm with their products since 1913. Also, Yardley has always held a special place in my home (you can say). Well, When I got my hands on products what came to my mind was an elegant tea party in an English rose garden because the fragrances are very delicate and floral and takes you back in 60’s smh. Also, I’ve been using their products for  since the last season now. Honestly, I haven’t always been a *huge* floral scent fan, but somehow this range smells just perfect. It has that subtle rose and jasmine hint, but it isn’t overpowering at all.


Starting with the body sprays, they are probably my favourite. Their body sprays give me that lovely refreshing feeling, and actually works throughout the day, that is great even in this scorching ugly heat. These deodorant from Yardley is my all time companion for summer since the last season. Needless to say, It has occupied an irreplaceable place in my hand-bag/dressing table. It’s Best for summers. It smells like that of a fresh rose petal and once sprayed it freshens me up! Same goes for the Jasmine and others.  It is very soothing and enlivening, that I never feel toiled up. P.s Since these are scented, may not be suitable for sensitive skins.

Moreover, I’m actually not a great talcum powder fan, but this talc made me one. At my home, Yardley London English Rose and Jasmine is present almost everywhere and every time. The best thing is that it’s very light and the scent lingers on for quite a while. If you use talc often, I’m sure you’ll love this one. Also, If you are Rose fragrance lover (like me), Yardley is absolutely for you!

You should undoubtedly give Yardleys’ range a shot. I have totally fallen in love with the fresh summery scent, and I completely understand why is Yardley super classics.  I totally loved the fragrance of Yardleys’ products, it is not the same as usual floral deo’s you see in the market so yes,  I would definitely rush to my nearest bazaar to buy again. You must give it a try if you like delicate, feminine musky fragrances.

They have a wide range of products, like Soaps, Eau De Toilette Spray, cosmetics etc. Do give Yardley a shot!




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