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Why Is It Important To Dress Up Every Day ?

Hellos people! Are you someone like me whose urge to hit the snooze button is insanely strong every morning? Every second thought is to sleep those extra 20 mins instead of getting up and dressing up every day. I literally have to drag my lazy self everyday so that I could be ready and all dolled up on time lol. But, I’m sure most of you would agree with me on this that taking those 20minutes for yourself and getting dressed and looking your best can really make a big difference? Right? Yeah!

I don’t know if you feel the same or not, but I believe there is a difference in those days when I don’t put an effort in dressing up in the morning and those days where I do and then on the days when I go a little extra. Every Morning when you wake up and get well-dressed, you immediately feel good about yourself and it gives you an extra ounce of confidence to have the best day.  Getting dressed in the mornings is seriously underrated; it is one of the easiest hack for making your days great. And trust me a little effort goes a long way!

Dress Up Every Morning

Let’s make it easy for you guys, What I do to convince myself to dress up every day is;

  • It’s one of the motivators for me to wake up early. Which I believe is good. The habit of dressing up made me a morning person.
  • Dressing up help me beat those Monday blues, especially when I had a very happening weekend.
  • I decide on the outfits the night before and set them up beforehand. Planning my outfit at night before gives me something to look forward to in the morning always. It can make you more excited to take on the day and give you confidence to face anything even before you’ve woken up in the morning.
  • Dressing up every day gives me a boost to work even harder and get everything done because it naturally makes me feel super fresh even if I don’t get my beauty sleep.
  • And yes, dressing up everyday keeps me going through the hardest and dreadful days as well.
  • Also, the most important point is that dressing up nicely makes you quite presentable and puts a good impression of you when you meet people around and not only this but it also make people take you more seriously.
  • Also, If you leave home properly dressed up everyday, you will always be ready for all the sudden plans throughout the day. Remember girls, With the right clothes, you can be ready for absolutely anything anytime.

Giving yourself 20 or 30 minutes every day in the morning to get dolled up, not for anyone else but just for YOURSELF, is the secret to having happy, good days, every day. Also, it makes you fall in love with yourself even more. Sharing some of my everyday morning mirror selfies for a little more motivation and outfit inspo for y’all. Enjoyyy!

Dress Up Every Morning Dress Up Every Morning

Dress Up Every Morning

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