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What Spending A Day With Homeless Poor People Taught Me

While I was in DIKhan, I randomly decided to spend a day with gypsies nearby -homeless poor people. I have always wanted to do so but never got a chance. So this time I made sure I do it because I don’t really know for what reason, I just wanted to be there, see how they live their life and everything in general. Sounds very random right? But the time that I spent with them and interacted taught me a few big things and I realized a few things that kinda kept me thinking for days.

I noticed how they struggling all the time to make ends meet fundamentally had literally changed the relationship to money for them. This was quite an eye-opener. Like for them, every worry is secondary to money. It means that every experience is centered around money. It makes money, which is ironically something you possess little of in contrast to other people, more central to our everyday life than theirs. They worry a lot more about common, everyday things than us, the privileged ones. Ever heard of someone being homeless? (Just thinking about it leave shivers in your body, no?) And being homeless just because of money. This part was the worst. I felt really bad when the lady told me they never had a home.

I asked the lady and her husband, Have you planned anything ahead for your kids? And the reply I got was: Beta we can not plan even for tomorrow. we’re not planning for the future. we’re planning for right now. Today. The guy told me he earns 300RS daily and what matters most to him is the bottom line: how much money he has now and how he manages to feed his wife and 6 kids every day.

Also, I was amazed when I saw them so happy with everything they had and I could see no sadness on their faces at all. They were so thankful and kept on saying “Allah Ka Shukar hay”  We are happy and this made me realize that how we keep on complaining every day even about the things we are already blessed with. They had nothing, not even home but they were so thankful and happy. This very little thing made me overthink so much and I decided not to complain ever again about anything.

My sudden realizations were the little things that we the privileged ones never think or pay attention to. There is one thing for sure that poverty can teach you many things in life.

  • The way to solve problems is not always through money.
  • Resiliency! You need to stand on your own two feet. No one will help you ever with anything. Not even your family or friends.
  • Toughness! I noticed that one must grow a helluva backbone when they’ve been homeless and survived it.
  • Thank God no matter what. Never complain about things you are blessed with.
  • You become more appreciative. Meaning you start appreciating the small things.
  • I noticed ingenuity. These people were super creative. It was good to see how they had everything set for themselves.
  • Taught me how to have faith in God.
  • Always be prepared for anything. For the worst times in life.
  • Anything is possible.
  • Learn to love simple things.

All the shared things are not something to aspire to but to especially gain some of the few positive aspects that I have noticed and realized. Also, one more thing guys, Never look down your nose at the poor or poor homeless people. You don’t know what they’ve been through or where they’re going.


It isn’t just poor people’s lives which differ from rich people’s lives – it’s poor people’s thoughts that differ from everyone else’s. 

I loved spending a day there. Sharing some of the photos that I took. I’m sure you are gonna love these photographs as much as I loved and enjoyed clicking them!

Homeless Poor People

Homeless Poor People

Homeless Poor People

Homeless Poor People

Homeless Poor People

Homeless Poor People










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