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The Urban Desi – Generation

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There are times when you need to take time off and figure yourself out. I was sitting alone and have been thinking to myself that how in today’s world we are constantly distracted by so many other things that we start to ignore our health, family, friends, everything due to the workload or other random, not so important things. Well, taking off from your daily boring routine, you need to take out time to just love yourself, take care of yourself and forgive yourself. I have tried it and trust me it helps. Also, let’s admit it there will always be someone out there to bring you down and you can’t satisfy everyone around you.  I’ve been feeling awful lately when I read hate comments or people even questioning me about how I m doing and what not. Although I’ve become better at handling all this, and obviously with everything good comes bad, I’ve to face everything in good spirit. Well, This was a little ranting and I will stop here now and will get back to what I wanted to share with you guys today.

Few days back I was on a shopping spree for Eid festival and I randomly picked this one dress from generations. I didn’t knew that I’m gonna totally love it. Also,  I have been constantly asked about where one can get east-to-wear, comfortable Pakistani desi outfits in Peshawar especially. I would without a doubt always recommend Generation. Generation collection is a  perfect combination of Pakistani and modern silhouettes and colours. Their colours stories are always so happy and vibrant, and their textures and fabrics have always been so desi with that modern twist that it’s so easy to pair their dresses with ripped jeans, or anything you want. Their dresses are good to go for any occasion you name.  Everything about generations dresses is very simple, yet chic. I just love how they keep their designs traditional with a modern twist.
Needless to say that beside Khaddi, I,m a huge fan of how they just nails the whole easy, lightweight clothes, every time.


Dress: Generation PK –                                                                                                                                                Bag: bucket bag from Aldo – 

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