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The Sunday Post – Five things that made my week: #2

I simply love doing this Five things that made my week post IDK for some reasons I love sharing things that I have been through the week with you guys.  Well, Another seven days have passed and I will be honest, it has been a bit of a cycle of work, home, creates, eat, travel and repeat. Past week has been interesting both personally and professionally. Loved everything that happened. With that being said, here’re Five Things that made my day post #2.

Five things that made my week

Desi Breakfast  Was in Lahore a few days back and had the best desi nashta/breakfast all three days. Totally loved it. Desi breakfast is something everyone should try without caring about the fats and calories. Called them cheat days and I’m not even guilty. 😀

Workout and Eating smart Okay After getting back home, I realized I should choose my own meals, they are more centered around veggies rather than chicken and lamb. With that in mind, I grew more interested in salads, greens, and healthy meals. Also, started working out for 30 mins daily and be fit, healthy and active.

Skincare  Winters has started and I have been conscious about the dry skin already. Therefore I’ve started using clinique’s pep start skincare range and added an organic 100% face masks to my skincare routine.

Shopping   AH! love this word. The one word that could change my mood completely. I shopped so much this week seriously that I’m broke now. Yes, you can call me a shopaholic. I can’t wait to do the haul post already.

Family and Travel  This week my entire family have been around not only for any special occasion but just casual get together. and since we didn’t plan vacations this summers, my dad planned a little trip to Lahore and that was amazing. Loved every bit of it. Whenever this happens I go away feeling blessed and loved.

Here are the five things that made my week! How has your week planned out? did you anything special over the past seven days? let me know.



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