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The Art Of Slowing Down

Wake up. Yawn and stretch. Check your Phone. Take a shower. And run for university/work. Can you relate? YES, you can. Because that’s most of us almost every day besides weekends.  We often find ourselves so busy throughout the day, that doesn’t take the time to slow down. We don’t even think for ones that we have the time to slow down if we wanted to.

Let’s do something INSANE! Let’s S L O WD O W N! The art of slowing down is something that I wanted to master from past two to three months now because I feel like a machine. And I’ve come to realize that it takes a deliberate effort to achieve. TBH.  However, I firmly believe that slowing down is the best way to reduce stress and gain some balance back into our often hectic lives. Slowing down for a bit makes you even more productive. And after all, you are a human being, not a machine.

Also, I’d like to quote a few words here that I read, “The fastest way to improve your speed is to slow down”

You know what, I feel that the problem with that way of living we have is that it isn’t sustainable. (That’s my realization). There’s no way to maintain such a rushed lifestyle without causing stress and health problems along the way. Living in this fast-paced day and age is part of the reason why, as a society, we are afflicted with so many stress-related diseases such as heart disease, obesity, depression, anxiety, headaches, and what not! I think in fact believe that we’ve been spoiled by these rapid changes in technology. We’re used to immediate results and, in return, we’ve lost our patience. Totally.  We don’t like waiting and when we have to, it causes anxiety and stress.

I will be sharing a few things that I personally practice in order to master the art of slowing down and all these work for me!

The art of slowing down

Don’t Rush – Wake Up Slowly: Wake up. Yawn and stretch. Take a deep breath. Drink a glass of water right next to you. Smile. Take time to decide what do you want to have in breakfast. Have a healthy one to start a day. Go slowly over everything. Take your time. Set a kickass Morning routine for yourself that forces you to slow down. Go workout. Yoga maybe?  Just don’t use your phone, laptop etc these things can wait for you! Give yourselves some time and you will feel amazing!

Enjoy The Little Things In Life:  Little things matter and they matter the most. Little things make you the happiest if you notice them. I will tell you to stop at the garden and smell roses everytime you pass by any garden. Trust it will make you feel good. The art of slowing down is directly related to enjoying all the little things around you. Our lives can get so hectic and chaotic, that if we don’t slow down for ones and enjoy the little things, we will end up wondering where all of the years of our lives have gone. Play with kids and stop for a min to notice their smile. Take a few minutes out of your day to write someone a happy letter or an email. Take a walk without your phone and look around you. Bake and eat the whole cake yourself without Instagramming it. Believe me, taking a little time each and every day to enjoy the little things will have you mastering the art of slowing down and you will start loving the pace.

Don’t Compare Yourselves To Others:  This is something wonderful that you would do to YOU! I feel like we often look at others’ successes and find ourselves in a state of something like jealousy?  We wish that we could be as happy as them. We ask ourselves why they seem to have found their happiness while we’re still stuck in limbo. We wonder how they landed their dream job while we’re still struggling to make ends meet. I’m telling you right now: STOP DOING THAT! Because that.s the worst thing you could ever to do yourself. You never knew what that person has been through to where he/she is today. You never know.

Do Things You Love: This is important. Often you find yourself telling others what you love doing but very rarely you find yourself actually doing them. Start doing what you actually love not just once, but often. You will love it.

Be Thankful For All The Blessing: Being thankful for whatever you have got NOW is the most important thing. Be thankful for even the worst experiences in your life too because they always teach you something. Always be thankful for everything no matter what!

Slow down today & let me know after a week how you love it! <3

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  • shoaib
    January 1, 2019

    Good read!