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Take over the world on a bad day – Red lipstick

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Let’s talk about red. It’s the color of passion, determination, and strength. It’s assertive and aspirational. No wonder red has been the one. Red has always had my back unlike any other. It’s got me through days where I couldn’t face the world and deal with my own insecurities. Red was the one that empowered me, let me think if I could pull it off, I could do anything. Queen Elizabeth the first was known for her piercing red lips and Marilyn Monroe’s Feminine power and look were for sure associated with her gorgeous pout. Poppy King the found of lipstick queen said ‘’Red lipstick is a source of strength. You put it on and suddenly you feel more capable than you did without it’’

Red lipstick

What motivates you to get out of the house on a day you feel let down by everything and your insecurities have taken over for the day. What is going to rescue you? Yourself of course, with some color. What do you have to wear to raise your head ever so slightly as to give the impression of confidence rather than arrogance and show wit rather than plainness? What would empower you enough to think you’re about to conquer the world with your beauty and intellect? 2 words…Red lipstick. A bold lip on a day when you do not feel bold at all. How does this come in handy you might ask when your world falling around you? Embracing boldness and this symbol of prowess let you become it. That’s it. No matter what it is that you’re struggling with, be it exams, work, relationship, kids, a look for an event, you can help yourself by getting the right shade of red lipstick and putting it on just on its own if you please. You will feel the strength you possess to get through the day wearing that red lip. Smile at your haters, show off those pearly whites and attract a few compliments but most importantly feel good about going through the day boldly when you never felt like it in the first place. And let’s face it; you simply can’t afford a frown with a gorgeous red on your lips. My absolute favorite is Ruby woo by MAC, it has a cold undertone and ladies, this matte lipstick has gotten me through some tough times. So, I think it’s only right that I boast of its support in my endeavors. So, go out there, get yourself the shade and tone for your skin and look. I promise it’ll be there to save you when you need it to.

Red lipstick

Few of the most promising red lipsticks: MAC-Russian Red, MAC-Diva, YSL-Rouge pur couture #1 le Rouge, Dior-Rouge Dior 999, Max factor-Marilyn Ruby red, LÓreal- N15 blakes red, NYX-Perfect red

Let me know in the comment below which one is your absolute fav! x

Written by: Sarah Noor

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