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Vaseline, Here’s something you’d love to know about

You know what is a must have product in my beauty bag? Yes, vaseline. And it should be your’s too. It has been a life saver and is/was the only products to be served the most in beauty and makeup counters. However with the increasing number of branded cosmetics in todays world, the importance of vaseline has fallen down. It is inexpensive and you can use it in a million ways! Don’t believe me?  Here’s something you would love to know about

Something everyone should know about Vaseline

  1. Want tender tootsies? You guessed it, vaseline. Before hitting beds, all you should do is slather your feet in it and then put some fuzzy socks on to wake up with soft and tender tootsies.
  2. Running out of your eye makeup remover? Vaseline is the best replacement. It does the job quickly and effectively.
  3. Want a smooth hair look? Apply vaseline the same way you use your hair products to smooth hair. Rub a small amount of it on your hand and run it through the frizzy hair. It will help the frizziness sit down and give your hair a smooth look.
  4. Manicure Protection: Before putting on a nail colour, apply a little amount of vaseline. It will prevent the nail paint from running. Also, it helps you getting a mess free manicure.
  5. Tangled necklaces? No more beauties! Apply some of it to those tight and stubborn knots in necklace chains. It will loosen them knots and untangling will be much easier.
  6. Stain remover: No matter How careful you are while putting on makeup, theres always a bit of makeup that ends up on your clothes. What you need to do is turn to vaseline. It will remove the stain quickly.
  7. Cream blusher: If you don’t have the perfect matching blush shade in your makeup bag, you don’t really need to worry. Make your own. It’s really easy. No complicated techniques. Mix a bit of it with your favourite shade of lipstick, and apply the paste on your cheeks. Gorgeous!
  8. Want those long, dramatic lashes? Who doesn’t. Swipe on vaseline for definition. Put it on overnight and see your lashes grow overnight.
  9. Highlighter: Don’t wanna spend on expensive highlighters? Dab a bit of vaseline on your cheekbones and a tip of your nose for an instant dewy look.
  10. Allow perfume scent to last longer: Some perfumes smell gorgeous but last so little. To last the scent linger longer, apply a thin layer of it on your wrists or (wherever you are going to apply perfume) before spraying the perfume. You will be amazed at how well it works!

So do you have any other uses for Vaseline to add to the list? Let me know in the comments! 🙂


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    June 9, 2016

    I value the article post.Thanks Again. Will read on… Equiluz