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Six Ways to spend your pocket money

 Six Ways to spend your pocket money? You know, the best part of any month is the pocket money we get! And Although you may feel tempted to spend all your pocket money at once, but but, think about when you will get it again. After 30 days? ouch. (That’s the worst part 😛 ) No? Believe me guys there are things that money cannot buy, but on the way to your dreams you will probably need to deal with the financial part at some point in your life. Therefore, it is very important to know how you should spend your pocket money that you get every month, because later this will help you with your salary. So, here are the six ways to spend your pocket money.

 We all hate it when we really need money, but our wallets are empty? No matter how little or how much money do you have, spending it in a proper way is a good idea.

Six Ways to spend your pocket money: 

  1. First and the most Important: Open a saving account. (You need to start saving at some point in your life). You must be thinking pocket money is meant to be spent, then why she is talking about saving it?  Because guys, believe me or not, this is the greatest way to grow your money. save first and spend later. I’m very bad at saving but I’m trying 😛
  2. Create a budget. spending basic is the best idea. Organise your purchases. Being a teenager, you’d want to buy a new black dress that’s on sale, or a few good makeup products etc. But do not waste. Because you know what’s bad, spending on the spur of a moment. It does nothing but leave your wallets empty. And I’m sure you don’t like that!
  3. Treat yourself to a spa day. Don’t hesitate when it comes to spending on yourself. Treating self is important and you should do that every month. Don’t forget to take a bubble bath! 😀
  4. Go through your closet when you go shopping for new dresses, shoes and accessories. And see what you already have. Most of the we don’t remember things and we buy them, thinking we don’t. Never buy stuff that you don’t need. Give away or sell anything that doesn’t fit you anymore, or you don’t feel like wearing them. This will help with ‘What exactly I need to buy’.
  5. Spread the wealth and contribute to charity from your pocket money. Special children schools in Peshawar, Shaukat Khanum or there are many orphanages that are always appreciative.
  6. Buy something for your parents from your pocket money. How about a beautiful handbag for your mom and a decent tie for your dad? Treat them once in a while! :’)

Tadaaa, Follow these six ways and check how your month goes with the flow. Also, no more empty wallets! 😀


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