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Shout out to an artist

Shout out to an artist! So, Hey Guuuuyss! This post is a shout out to one of my talented friends who had recently started his own art page, ‘Namlas Art’. He is an artist and entrepreneur, he is too good at exploring and coloring the universe, in elastic motion. 🙂

His art is all about truck art, wpap art, low poly art, pop art, neon art, and comics. isn’t is cool? You definitely need to check his work out.


Shout out to an artist “The colour,” She breathed. “When you stand in the light. They’re amazing… like molten gold. I could paint those…” She reached toward me but then pulled back. “They’re beautiful. You’re beautiful.” (Namlas Art)

Shout out to an artist:

He’s amazing at what he’s doing. He is heavily influenced by the truck Art and he is trying his best to represent Pakistani cultures and traditions! Namlas Art often features bold but simplistic sketch, bright colors, and an attention to detailing through the use of texture- with subject matter often including Pakistani truck art items. He surely needs your support. So please go check it out! :’)

It’s always great to see people/friends do what they are good at.

Don not miss it people. All you guys have to do is visit his face book page. He works hard on his art and I think that’s beautiful. He is now making customize digital art cover photos as well. All you need to do is inbox him your name and all other required details at; httpsss://

He would love to make covers, pictures etc for you!

You can also follow him on Instagram; Instagram: namlas13

His work is honestly amazing and he is doing a good job!

It is not just a shout out to my friend, it’s a shout out to all the under appreciated artists who do amazing work and receive no recognition.

Never give up on what you are good at.

Here is some art work from Namlas art;

enjoy! xoxo.


Shout out to an artist

Shout out to an artist Shout out to an artist

Shout out to an artist

Namlas art

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  • Salman
    February 8, 2016

    Thumbs up zahra 😀 (Y)
    Keep it coming !!!

    • ZahraAzam
      February 8, 2016

      Thaaankss! 🙂