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Oscar 2016: Sharmeen Obaid wins her second straight

Pakistani-Canadian filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy made history as the only Pakistani to win two Oscar awards. This is not the first time she has made history through film. She became the first Pakistani to win an Oscar in 2012. For the documentary saving face on acid attacks in Pakistan. WOW. No doubt she has gone a long way to make Pakistan proud. She has the potential to save lives off screens.

Sharmeen Obaid wins second Oscar award

The Oscars took a worthwhile opportunity to make strong statements about issues such as diversity, female empowerment and sexual violence, child molestation, environmental awareness, etc. The 37-year-old director made history and claimed her second career Oscar for “A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness” in the best short documentary category. Isn’t it just amazing! <3. Hats off to Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy. Who continues to use her art to effect real change for oppressed women on a global scale. Proud moment for Pakistan Indeed. The documentary sheds light on honor killings in Pakistan. Her documentary truly inspired people to help in stopping cruelty.

Yes, I believe the stories she tells are painful. Expose the ugliest sides of Pakistani society, but more than that, they bring to light the incredible courage of ordinary Pakistani women. Who survive to tell the tale. Just because to save thousands of us from a similar fate. And the most important part of awards shows is to remember, that as artists we tell stories. And sometimes those stories sure can change the world!


“This is what happens when determined women get together.” – Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy upon receiving her award. “She is truly an inspiring lady.” 

She wore a custom made floor-length black coat. Designed by one of the Pakistan’s leading designers Sana Safinaz. And had walked the red carpet with her mother and the SOC Films team.


She is honestly the best thing to ever happen to Pakistan. A true role model. For all the educated woman in the country. Changing the world of women through film and the cinema is incredible. Promoting equality and strength. Spreading awareness. Bringing new beginnings. Taking huge initiatives that no other has ever dared to take before. She is a true inspiration.  I hope she continues to shine. Also, I support all her efforts for change in the patriarchal scheme of our society

Moreover, for a WOC to film and work beside others in a documentary about oppressed women in Pakistan is incredible. To win a second Oscar is greatly deserved. However, to have the president of the country acknowledge and want to change the law due to an incredible documentary, is groundbreaking!

We need more women like Sharmeen. Women like her are not only a pride for the country but also are huge contribution to the society. Congratulations to her. Also, we can’t thank you enough for bringing global attention to such issues that desperately need to be addressed. We are proud of you.  (Y)


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  • Bilal Atiq
    March 10, 2016

    Sharmeen obaid Making us proud 🙂