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It’s Review Time!! “NATURALS”

Hello, Girlies! How are you all doing? So my today’s post is about pure oils and a face scrub that would make your skin glow like anything. Well, we often buy high-priced skincare products with several chemical names listed in the ingredients which we know nothing of but we think that if they’re pricey and fancy, they’d definitely result well. Little do we know that we are actually causing damage to our skin in the long run by exposing them to harmful chemicals. Well,  A few days back I received a mail from Naturals which contained a 100% pure coconut oil 60ml bottle and Almond flakes scrub. And I can’t wait already to share how amazing the scrub works on the skin. The moment I saw the oils, I just knew how am I going to use them because I had two to three pimples showing up, so yeah!  If you really wanna know keep on reading! 😀 After all who wouldn’t want to find new stuff about skin care and that too organic and pure? I would share a little about the brand actually, claims about their products.

The TEAM NATURALS claims, 

Tired of using oils that fail to generate their desired effects? Not because they are not original oils but because they are flooded with preservatives and chemicals that do absolutely nothing to enhance the effects. Naturals were conceived to provide a sustainable solution to this problem.

What we want our clients to realize is that oils work wonders for skin and hair, but they MUST be in their purest form to do so. Our mission is to provide  an alternative to chemically preserved skin care and hair care products.


Okay, so I totally agree to what they claim! I totally fell in love with the coconut oil and the funny part was when I saw the description that says, COCONUT – ‘Nothing More Nothing Less :D’ Well, I somewhere read that  coconut oil could be used as a natural and effective treatment for your acne symptoms. This might strike you as unusual, considering most advise that people suffering from acne should avoid oils and oily food, but keep reading coconut oil is a surprisingly an effective treatment. Coconut oil is a rich source of Vitamin-E. This keeps your skin healthy and ensures proper functioning of the sebum glands and clears blockage. Also, it is soothing to the skin and highly penetrating, so when it is applied, it is absorbed quickly and immediately begins to reduce the inflammation from acne that is already present. Coconut oil also helps heal any sorts of open wounds on the skin from severe cases of acne.NATURALS

Coming to the Almond Flakes Scrub. The thing I loved about NATURALS’ products is single ingredient creations, purest in their forms. And this scrub is made with just almonds and nothing more. The flakes scrub came in a sturdy plastic jar with a twist cap. The color scheme is kept simple and pretty decent. It’s been a few days now that there are patchy dried peels on my face which get even more prominent when I apply foundation or anything. Honestly, when I opened the jar, I had very little hopes of it because I had in mind that of nothing can help me how would this scrub? The instruction note inside the box helped me on how to use it. I made the mixture and kept it for a while to thicken and then applied on for 15 mins. I washed it off with lukewarm water and the result was outstanding! The dry patches disappeared instantly and I was super happy about it. It helped remove dead skin cells to bring out the fresh skin. It made my skin glow and flawless looking. This scrub from NATURALS is a must have skin care product especially for a kind of weather we have these days!


Packaging was pretty decent and cute, the products, oil bottles, and the scrub jar came in green-colored boxes with the brand label on it! I absolutely adored the packaging. Naturals currently have 3 oils: almond, coconut & walnut oil. Keep checking their page and Instagram as I guess they are soon launching their organic scrubs range as well which is greaaat! I can’t wait already.  I would recommend to try out NATURALS products, trust me you won’t be disappointed!

Till Next Time! 🙂

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