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Pakistan Street Bazaars

The colours, sight and sounds of Pakistan Street Bazaars are amazing. You can enjoy an off track and the most irregular form of shopping in the street bazaars of Pakistan. These are the most colorful markets ever. Also, everything about these street bazaars is very fascinating. You can literary pickup anything.  In fact, street bazaars are the most eye-catching markets that display the true Pakistani culture. Narrow crowded lanes attract a lot of tourists, and it’s fun shopping there. Because you can see every tiny corner offering great things. And going through these small shops lined up in various pathways is so much fun. Also, along with loads of shops, you would find street vendors fighting for space with cars, trucks, carts etc. I love street shopping. And trust me it’s the best. These chains of street shops can be found in every city of Pakistan. And every bazaar is different from another yet they have many similarities in their randomness. Here is a rundown of some of the street bazaars in Pakistan.

Pakistan Street Bazaars:

 Shafi Market – Peshawar                    

Shafi market is a street bazaar in Peshawar. It’s located on Tipu Sultan Road.  Once you step inside, the market addressed all type of unstitched and also, ready made salwar kameez fabrics you need. What’s more, you can often bargain to your advantage to come away with meters of silk and lace at throwaway prices. It’s a delight for shopaholics. Gain from bargains if it’s your cup of tea 😀  You will find the market full of locals and villagers hunting for bargains. If you live in Peshawar or usually visit Peshawar for shopping, head over to shafi market for your fabric fix!

Pakistan Street Bazaars




Pakistan Street Bazaars

Pakistan Street BazaarsPakistan Street Bazaars


Raja Bazar – Rawalpindi

It is the main street bazaar of Rawalpindi, Pakistan, and you can buy almost everything of a daily use. Also, you can get supply chain or warehouse items for a lot of different products such as stationery, cloth (raw cloth), household items and cosmetics. It’s very crowded in rush hours but is a place full of life. Hustling and bursting out with activity of common people. You will absolutely love raja bazaar. Best street bazaar for a cost effective shopping.

Pakistan Street Bazaars

Anarkali Bazaar – Lahore 

It’s one of the oldest street bazaars of Lahore. Located in the old city Lahore. Anakali Bazaar is a shoppers’ paradise. Goods of all sorts including clothes, jewellery etc. are available at extremely economical rates. Bargaining can further reduce the cost of the items. It is also ideal for foreign tourist. You can see crowded streets with shops and street vendors selling household items for everyday use. Also, there are couple of souvenir shops selling local handicrafts. Old brass and copper are another good buys from the shops.



Pakistan Street Bazaars


Sunday Bazaars (Itwar Bazaar) 

 Moreover, in every city of Pakistan, you would find Sunday bazaars (Itwar Bazaar). We call it Sunday bazaar because it’s open every Sunday. ‘Itwar means Sunday’.  Well ever wondered shopping under the sun?  You can not find all brand new or branded stuff here. The best thing about this street bazaar is, that everything is super cheap. Don’t forget to Bargain with the sellers, Don’t just pay whatever they ask for. 

Pakistan is a wonderland for shoppers 😀 All them street bazaars are worth your time. If you have not yet indulged in that street bazaars fun, then you are missing out on a lot. The more you visit these Pakistani Street Bazaars, the more you realize that these street bazaars, which sells random goods is in fact full of details that encompass need, our culture, desire, and a truthfulness of life in Pakistan. Believe it or not but an understanding for a version of Pakistan and specifically them old street bazaars is both genuine and still indefinable. 



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