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Hello, guys! Yesterday I was at the premiere of a telefilm, Project Peshawar.  This telefilm is directed by the debutant Irshu Bangash and produced by Junaid Kamran. The story is basically about a London-based character who falls in love with a girl from Peshawar through the internet and travels there only to find her. Project Peshawar has been shot in Peshawar, as well as in the UK and Canada. The movie is released in four languages that are English, Dutch, Urdu, and Pashto! I’m not gonna be a total spoiler for all those who haven’t watched it yet. But just a little bit about it. It’s  just that a guy from London travels Peshawar only to find out it was all a setup, a mere trap to seize him.

I’m very proud of these boys for coming up with something out of the box and that too in Peshawar. I absolutely appreciate all the efforts they have put in it.  This was indeed a great initiative by the young generation of KPK. No doubt they showed the horrifying truth of the social media and how most of the people misuse it. And this telefilm would be a great lesson and an awareness for many.

My review differs a little bit. Let me tell you why it was disappointing for me. First of all, this telefilm, Project Peshawar portrayed the city, Peshawar in a way that Peshawar isn’t all. talk about the misuse of the social media?  We have millions of more stories around to highlight. Even if you don’t talk or ignore about how it’s portraying Peshawar as the hub of kidnappers, drugs, and crime, it’s just a disjointed series of scenes from the movie that make no sense together. Literary no sense. “Girl, Sana falls in love” but how?  I assume through the internet?  (Not shown in the film) Besides that, no positivity has been shown in the entire movie.

“This telefilm is based on a real story”  There are so many positive real stories that have happened in Peshawar or in Pakistan, Why didn’t someone or these boys chose them and highlighted them as a telefilm?

Right after you watch the telefilm, no one thinks directly that they actually showed you the misuse of social media but the meaning you catch is “Pakistan or Peshawar is actually a danger zone” or “Pakistani girls are ditchers” lol?

This telefilm had no positive side of Peshawar and that what was disappointing to me. If it will be shown internationally, what will be the impact of Peshawar on them? (Keeping aside the horrible dark side of the social media)

Overall, The movie was brilliantly directed. The songs were really really good.  The storyline was weak. Very weak. No single scene connected to the other. This was just a review and what I actually thought. Would have loved if this telefilm had something related to our positive culture and all. But in the end, I’d like to say that BOYS it’s just the beginning, The best is yet to come. I just LOVE how my city Peshawar is growing. The young generation is doing wonders.

so yeah, If you’ve watched it drop me your view in the comment below. I’d love to read what you think about Project Peshawar.

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  • molteni carlo
    August 21, 2017

    In my country when i see an article like this we say: “Bravo”. But you are much more good for “Bravo”. I really love this 😀

  • Madiha
    August 22, 2017

    I’d like to check this out! Good review!