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Lets get cheeky – My Favourite Blushes

Hello girlies! :’) Today’s post ‘Lets get cheeky’ is all about my favourite blushes that I have been using quite a lot these days. Well I recently realized that blush is actually a daily necessity. And they complement the skin beautifully and are versatile enough to work with a range of different skin tones. Also, sometimes makeup can teach you all important, serious  life lessons. Believe me or not. When I started using blushes, some of them made me look like a hot pink clown. Maybe because I never knew which ones are the right ones and what colours to pick and what not. Honestly some of them came in the worst makeup nightmare transforming me into something you sure don’t wanna see. Well, If you are on a spree to buy blushes you might want to read this post. Whether it’s a pink blush you want or a coral one your heart desires I have kind of got you covered. A little research won’t hurt before taking any step!

I love trying out new makeup products and I have bought few different blushes in all kinds of forms including pressed powder, loose powder, chubby sticks, creams and liquid tints  and I would like to share with you some of my current favourite blushes. All of them are in powered form.

My Current Favourite Blushes

Make me Blush Blusher By H&M: So I never knew that H&M has got makeup range too before I visited it during my exchange and got my hands on it. H&M’s make up range is great, especially lip pens, nail varnishes and the blushes that come in a range of really good shades. Also, I was scared to pick one because I’ve a sensitive skin and all I was concerned about, that should not irritate my skin but taadaaa, they do not irritate the skin and also, their makeup product range is very cheap. I really like the shade and it’s a little shimmery. Gives a very soft subtle look!  H&M blushes are slim and smart. You can easily put in your makeup pouches while travelling.

favourite blushes

favourite blushes

Coralista Blush By Benefit:  Yesssss, you got it right! I’m a big fan of benefit products because they come in such a cute packaging. I got my hands on Coralista blush few months back. And I was in love with it! It sure is one of my top favourite blushes. It comes with a small brush inside the box, and it’s soft and firm enough to do its job ok. It’s a warm coral-pink powder that warms up the complexion. Coral peachy blushes are perfect companions for summer season. What I love about coralista that it gives a fresh and healthy glow. It’s beautiful shimmering coral pink. It’s neither too pink, nor too orange but has a natural undertone. It provides a very nice sheen to the cheeks. If you have a darker skin tone, than don’t for it since you have to apply several layers to get the colour to show up properly. I won’t recommend it for the people with super sensitive skin because the floral scent may be too strong for them! Beside this, It’s very easy to bled and have a good staying power.It’s a great colour for everyday look. Just Sweep this warm coral pink powder onto your cheeks anytime, anywhere. Move your brush to the beat & turn up the heat hotties!

favourite blushes favourite blushes

HERVANA By Benefit : This is probably my second favourite blush from Benefit. The name ‘HER-WANA’ I think is pretty clever because it is supposed to be a hybrid of “her” and “nirvana” =p Jussaying! This one is beautifully separated into 8 sections, each one with different shade. All you have to do is swirl the angled brush that comes with the blush in the box, over all the colours and mix them together. It makes overly lavender pinky peach-ish shade, which gives a very soft baby-ish look. This thing that bugs me about these two blushes ‘coralista and hervana’ is the box itself. it’s fancy and cute but It is not easy to close. It doesn’t snap shut like regular blush containers. But overall it’s good for daily use and it alone is enough to give the healthiest glow to the cheeks.

favourite blushes

favourite blushes

ETUDE: These two were my very first blushes that I took out of my moms vanity! I would not say they are my favourite ones now but yea’ “I use them “sometimes” I feel like a traitor saying this because I have been a long time fan of these because I had nothing else beside them and they’ve served me well during the times when I had no little knowledge about makeup and shizz, I used to think they were so amazing. Maybe I’ve grown out of the brand or perhaps it has lost it’s appeal for me, but honestly I don’t find them exciting anymore. They are still there in my stash for some reason. I have one in shade 12 and in 18. Shade 12 is matte brown-ish maroon and goes really well if you like something more darker. Shade 18 is almost the same as 12 but is shimmery. I like 18 more than 12. The thing I hate about these two is that they are very dusty and don’t have a staying power. And it’s because I think that the drugstore don’t have the finest selection. I don’t really find that they offer the best and most appealing varieties. Well, Etudes products are more budget friendly and you can easily find them anywhere. I won’t recommend these shades because they don’t look girly and also, doesn’t offers that beautiful glowy feel to the cheeks! favourite blushes favourite blushes

What’s are your favourite blushes? 

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! :’)


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  • tahreemfatima
    April 28, 2016

    I like MUA pro blush perfection cream blusher bittersweet cause it is so afoardable and and as it is no powder so its not messy.

  • Fatima khan
    April 28, 2016

    Excellent job! love your choice and the way you made them more prettier for the readers.

  • Maheen shah
    May 6, 2016

    More products on Etude house! I hear their eyeshadow palletes are really trending in korea and japan and are good