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Take a deep breath & Let Go of Negativity

If you sit there and think calmly, you will come to a conclusion that most of the time things are not as bad as we imagine them to be. Doubts, negativity and self-deprecation can come at us from all angles. We waste so much time constantly worrying about people, things, situations and always imagining the worst outcome. I have seen many people, who are so entrenched in seeing the negative side of things that they leave zero room for positive things to grow.  Negativity perpetuates itself, breeds dissatisfaction and clutters the mind.  And when the mind is cluttered with negativity, happiness is hard to come by. There comes a time in your life when you just need to just let go, let go of all the negativity’ All the unnecessary bad emotions.  And letting go of people who bring nothing but pain into your life. Let go and breathe. For you deserve happiness, and nothing less. Let go of everything that doesn’t make you stronger, doesn’t make you grow, doesn’t fill your soul with passionate emotions, and doesn’t allow you to expand your aura into the world.

Control your mind  Always be positive, negative thoughts will influence you. Let go of the negativity in your mind, you can make things happen, yes you can only if you let no room for negative thoughts. Every morning when you wake up, think of two or three things that are going well/perfect in your life at the moment.  As you fall asleep every night, fill your mind with an appreciation for all the small things that went well during the day.  Examine the goodness that is there in your life, and let your inner critic overhear the five-star reviews about you.

Stay away from hostile drama queen  Some people love to stir up controversy and drama for no apparent reason.  Don’t ever listen to them. Stay out of other people’s drama and yes don’t needlessly create your own. The best thing is when someone insists on foisting their hostility and drama on you, ignore them and just walk away.

Surround yourself with positive people Don’t expect to live a positive life if you spend most of your time being around negative people. Being around those who discourage you from following your dreams, make you feel bad about yourself, those who constantly nag and complain, those who try to put you down, will drain the energy out of you. Also, if you are too close to naysayers and complainers, you will have a hard time removing the negativity from your life. All you need to do it cut ties with such people and surround yourself with someone who is happy for you when things are great. Just don’t let negative people rent up space in your head.

Expand your horizon Try something new every day, meet new people, make new friends. You don’t have to stick to your routine but can experiment by trying different routines and plans. Don’t surround yourself with the same people you see everyday, Go out meet new people, talk to them, expand your circle.  This way you will learn what suits you and get to know yourself a bit better every day.

Spend time in nature Being in the nature, spending your evenings in the park clears your mind and relaxes your body. Try to dedicate a part of your day to get outside and admire the beauty of the planet earth. It’s a great way to charge your batteries.

  Always know that negative thoughts are there for a reason, if we didn’t have them we’d have not even a slight idea how good it feels to have good and happy vibes. Never stop them negative thoughts flowing when you are upset over something but replace them with positive and happy thoughts. Life sure is not a fairytale, but as long as you are happy and positive, you will be able to handle whatever life throws at you.  🙂 Don’t forget to follow my Instagram

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