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Launch of VR9D & Bloggers Meet and Greet at Galactic Space

The JQ brothers have done it again and this time it’s bigger than before!  A brilliant evening for the bloggers of Peshawar as they got together yet again for a really special occasion. Galactic Space hosted this meeting as they Pre launched Pakistan’s first Virtual Reality 9D ride. The previous 5D Motion Ride was amazing in itself and this upgrade took it to a whole new level. It was scary, it was real, but it was amazing.

Shoutout to Triangle PR and JQ Brothers for making this all possible and inviting us to the super awesome Test-Drive.  We often watch videos of those scary breath-taking rides at some of the top Amusement parks of the world and try and imagine how sitting in them would be like. Well, that dream came true for me on this Friday when I tried the Virtual Reality 9-D ride.  It was a free fall ride that would scare you to death with its reality. Once you get in, all you can do is scream. No spoilers though, all I’d say is that it makes you feel like you’re jumping from an aeroplane without any attachments and just when you’re about to crash into the ground, the seat belt pulls you onto a side, and believe me, when you’re falling, you’re thinking about your last prayers. It has three seats so three people can enjoy the ride at the same time and a number of different VR rides to choose from.

Another new product at the launch was the Baby Bear which also had VR but for kids. Robotic bears with screens on them and VR glasses for kids to play some fun VR games.
Along with all the fun was some learning. Ali Durani’s Stem Education stall was great, with robots and learning for kids of age 7 to 17 and lots of DIYs for kids to learn and apply the rules of science in real life.

I’d like to add a little about the atmosphere of that place. It was beautifully set up and very family friendly, the lightning was brilliant and it all looked great and the hosts were pleasant and very hospitable.
If you’re in Peshawar, this place and the new rides are a must try for all of you so go get your rides now at Galactic Space.

Look at a few images from a beautiful evening & Enjoy 🙂

Launch of VR9D

Launch of VR9D Launch of VR9D

Launch of VR9D

Launch of VR9D



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