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LABORATORIES FILORGA PARIS is a French brand of which I’ve never heard before’ but a few days back got an inbox from them. All I knew was that their products are much-loved by models and celebrity & skin care experts globally. A few days back I received these samples from Laboratories Filorga Paris and I am glad to tell you guys that Filorga’s products are now available in Pakistan. This is an absolutely amazing beauty brand that fulfills all your skin care requirements.  You can get FILORGA PARIS skincare products at the Safa Mall Islamabad.LABORATORIES FILORGA PARIS

Recently I’ve tried a lot of products for skin care. I’ve tested lots and lots of drugstore skin care, of high-end brands and professional creams. Who isn’t conscious about their skins so, therefore,  I always prefer trying the sample of creams before buying them. So, when I received this cute little package from Laboratories Filorga Paris which included 4 samples of different skin care creams and a cute white bag/pouch. Out of  all the samples I’ve tried the Filorga Sleep and Peel Cream out and decided that I wanted more. So,I will review the Filorga Sleep and Peel  Night Cream only for now.


I liked this Filorga Sleep and Peel Cream a lot. Its texture is quite dense but not oily. It absorbs very quickly. It brightens, exfoliates, hydrates, improves skin texture and encourages healthy cell regeneration and the best part is all their products smell heavenly and doesn’t dry your skin out. If you live in a cold climate I would recommend you to use this cream every other day. After trying out the sample now I’m eager to purchase it. LABORATORIES FILORGA PARIS

Another sample that I got was Filorga OPTIM-EYES.It’s a fancy french eye cream that actually works
It’s a triple action eye contour that reduces dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles.LABORATORIES FILORGA PARIS

Filorga Pigment Perfect Dark Spot Corrector Serum is an ultra-concentrated serum which attenuates the appearance of dark spots, even out the skin and enhances the complexion .It is a fairly light textured serum that leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated. And like all Filorga products,’ it smells divine. I have used it three days now. It helps the skin look radiant and it removes all the scars related to breakouts. The overall radiance  improves quite drastically and it’s very noticeable. LABORATORIES FILORGA PARIS

The last sample was Filorga TIME-FILLER. This one is an anti-aging wrinkle cream that’s designed to target contraction wrinkles, that are caused by dryness, and wrinkles caused by sagging. Filgora also has the Time-Filler Eyes product that’s supposed to help with lines around the eyes. It Features a Botox-like a peptide to help relax the skin. All those ladies who are facing wrinkles issue should include this cream to their daily beauty routine.LABORATORIES FILORGA PARIS

I rate all of their skin care products 9/10. All smiles! 🙂 





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