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Khaadi Pink Fragrance – Review

One of the best part of spring is that is the spring perfumes everywhere that fill the air. And we all love cracking out a bright perfume for spring. The fragrances that are released for spring are always the best and very refreshing and really get me in a happy state of mind. Also, Scents and perfumes are one of the basic necessity of one’s life, your personality would be incomplete without it. It adds up to ones personality! Well, After being one of the dominating brand in the fashion industry in Pakistan, Khaadi has Launched its fragrance collection recently on January 9th. The multinational brand has shared teaser posts on their social media pages hinting towards the launch of their fragrance collection and the moment I saw them, I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on one of them.

Khaadi Pink Fragrance

I always love playing around with switching up perfumes depending on my mood! So, while shopping for lawn at Khaadi, I randomly picked one of  the perfumes from their recently launched collection. Where they have unveiled two fragrances Khaadi Pink and Khaadi Red. I picked Khaadi pink (yes because it was pink :P) okay, that is not only the reason. I liked the smell of pink more than the red one. I really loved the packaging. It’s pink and all very girly and also I was proud to display it on my vanity, because the bottles is so glamorous and cute.  Khaadi pink fragrance is a perfect match for a young girls, Ladies as well. It’s Soft in nature, white in color  that makes you feel young and make you feel prettier, cleaner, & overwhelming with beauty and joy. Also is very refreshing! It’s not really long-lasting! (That’s one of the drawbacks but works absolutely fine for a short time) Overall, the fragrance is airy and soft, and perfect for spring. I totally love t’s smell! Fragrances are always an easily justifiable splurge, since perfume can last years and years in the bottle. In my opinion, you should never leave home without wearing your favourite perfume, mist etc. And also, it’s a must have for summers.

It’s available in all khaadi stores. Don’t forget to grab one for yourself! 🙂

khaadi Pink Fragrance


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