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Key Factor Challenging Pakistan Today

Key Factor Challenging Pakistan Today is Terrorism. It is second to none amongst the threats faced by the country. The cost it has suffered, overweighs loses in the entire history of the country. The complexity of this multifaceted threat lies in the fact that it is caused by multitude of factors ranging from internal situation to external developments. And it is one of many key factors challenging Pakistan today.

It has been damaging not only our economy, but also social factors, democracy and security badly since 2007. With the passage of time terrorists’ activities are increasing day-by-day. Everyday more than one incidents happen, which involves Bomb blasts, target killing, suicidal attacks and several others. Many innocent people are being killed everyday in the name of religion, political instability, external hands and international conspiracies etc.

Key factor challenging Pakistan today:

  In December 2014, Taliban attacked the Army Public School in Peshawar. Leaving at least 400+ people  and kids dead. I still remember how painful Dec 16 was. When many of innocent’s souls, have been killed in a Taliban assault on an Army-run school in Peshawar, Pakistan. Kids were brutally slaughtered by the terrorists. The cost of terrorism on Muslims community is very paining.

I tell you, as awful as Sydney was, and as painful as the Canadian parliament attack was, and as terrible as the Boston Marathons bombings were and as much as 9/11 hurts everyone to this day, the slaughtering of 400+ innocent children happened too. It’s just another attacks on Muslims in the name of extremist disguised as Islam.

 Recently, Students of Bacha Khan university in Charsadda, Pakistan were shot in the heads. Approximately 60 to 70 students were shot dead. I salute the those professors, students and army who died trying to save their students.

      If anyone still thinks this is for the sake of religion(Islam), and religion is there as defense for this war,  they could only make it to Peshawar to attend the funerals of them innocent children, who were buried before the sun went down, in the Islamic tradition. All Them children who were killed in the APS attack were of the same religion as the attackers claim to follow. This is not about religion people, this is about power, fear and revenge!

  These were two of many incidents happened in the history of Pakistan. There are many more but let’s not go into the detailed history of Pakistan. Because it seems never-ending.

Now, the most important question is that what are the innovative ways to eliminate this most crucial problem or the key factor that Pakistan is challenging today?

   In my opinion, there is an urgent need for the military to come forward. State explicitly the present situation regarding war on terror to all citizens. Honestly, It is very depressing that only you or I cannot solve these issues. We need strategies regarding these to clear the minds of people.

Pakistan is as far as the most affected country in the world in war against this key factor challenging Pakistan today that is terrorism.

Good governance is another serious area, which needs more and more attention. The important work in this concern, which has been done so far, is only to equip security personnel with latest weapons. I think Increasing their salaries, and compensation in case of causalities is not a proper way. This is not at all an effective way through which we can overcome terrorism factor that is being faced by Pakistan today. For example, there is no clear data of people residing in the Pakistan. Many of them doe not have Pakistani nationalities but still they are there. There is no check and balance on foreigner’s activities with in the country. Moreover, There is no effective check cross border terrorism from Afghanistan, Indian or any other country. There is not sufficient training system for the security personnel to counter terrorist organisations plots.

  There is still time for the intelligence and law and order agencies to seriously start door-to-door campaign for checking and registration, and to monitor it. This will at least give a sense to the citizens of the country that Pakistan’s future largely depends on good governance, and thus they will participate in this process happily to see this key Factor that is challenging Pakistan today going away.

  Lastly no type of collective efforts within homes, schools, colleges, universities, markets or anywhere against terrorism has been observed. It’s time that ‘Us’ the builders of nation the youth of Pakistan must come forward to save the country future, save our future, save our youth. After all, terrorism is our most threatening enemy so far, and we cannot see a happy and prosper Pakistan without killing it.

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  • Mashal
    February 9, 2016

    Wow good job Zahra 🙂 I’m proud of you 😀

    • ZahraAzam
      February 9, 2016

      Thanks love! <3

  • Salman
    February 10, 2016

    Thumbs up Zahra (y)
    Very well done.

    • ZahraAzam
      February 10, 2016

      Thank you Salman! :’)