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It’s All Worth It || Lingerie Affairs

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May I get a little personal? A little bit? Tell me what are you wearing underneath your clothes?  Yes, exactly I’m talking about your bra and panties.

I’m asking you this all because at the end of the day what you wear underneath your clothes matters. It seriously matters.

Well, finding lingerie that fits properly should be one of the most important aspects of your daily outfit, yet it’s something many of us neglect. We’re too obsessed with discovering how the outfit looks on the outside, whether it’s what shoes to wear or what dress looks on-trend this season when the focus should really be on what lies underneath. Investing in high-quality shapewear can not only make you feel sexy on the inside, but it can make a dramatic difference to your overall appearance. The right pieces can completely transform how you feel about yourself. Undergarments, in particular bras, are the foundation of a great wardrobe.

Heres a few most compelling reasons for purchasing stunning lingerie

  • It Helps Banish Body Hate

There’s nothing unusual about body insecurity, but unfortunately, it can prevent you from enjoying an intimate relationship with your significant other. High-quality lingerie flatters every type, from curvy to A-cup breasts. You can specifically select lingerie that disguises problem areas while putting your best features on display. The moment you slip into these carefully selected pieces, you’ll feel proud of your body. This pride will immediately be evident to your significant other, who finds body confidence sexy.

  •  It Makes You Feel Like A Goddess

Today’s go-girl attitude is great, but when you’re leading the charge at work or holding down the fort as a mechanic at home, you might not feel particularly feminine. Whether you wear a dainty teddy with bows and flowers, a lacy bra, or a sexy corset, lingerie can help you release your inner goddess.

  • It’s An Act of Self Love

Many single women make the critical mistake of assuming that only ‘smug marrieds’ deserve the best things in life. But by avoiding lingerie and other elements of self-care, you demonstrate to yourself that you don’t matter. This will not set you up for happiness as a single, nor is it an appropriate mindset if you’re looking to land a significant other. If you make the effort of a person falling head over heels, you’ll increase your odds of actually securing the type of relationship in which you might wear lingerie.

  • It Enhances Your Outfits

Lingerie isn’t just for the bedroom; whether you wear it alone or underneath your everyday wardrobe, it can present your natural body shape in its best light. An ill-fitting bra or slip can instantly destroy your look, no matter how tailored or attractive the rest of your outfit happens to be.

Where can you get the right high-end Lingeries in Pakistan?

I recently got contacted by the newly started venture WORTH and its run by three super girls. They are dealing in branded lingerie. They import brands like Victoria’s Secret and Calvin Klein which is just great. Also, they provide delivery nationwide not just in Pakistan!


Team WORTH was kind enough to send me one piece from both brands and tbh I just loved it. Let me show you all that I got;





I loved how nicely they were packed. I’m so happy we finally have someone who could get us original high-end lingeries at our doorstep and that too in Peshawar. Now you don’t have to worry about where to shop for lingerie! Your lingerie affair has been now sorted out by WORTH  because heyy, they know you are worth it *wink* *wink*


In conversation with one of them super sisters, Anmol about how they started this venture; Heres what she has to tell you! 

I have started it with my younger sisters (Kainat Sikandar and Almas Sikandar) they really help me out in it. You know we lost our mother in 2010 in a car accident since then we so wanted to support our father as he was very caring and supportive for us. After 7 years of losing our mother, we were able to start something other than house chores, my studies came to an end. We were finally about to do something for our father so that we can give him something to be more proud of us. We first decided to open a store in peshawar town and we shared idea with our father but unfortunately before he could come and we could start it, he passed away in 2017 due to heart failure in Saudia Arabia and we were totally broken because of that. We were financially very weak by the time but we still didn’t lose hope. We couldn’t do it as a store but we decided to give it a try as online business. By having sources in USA we started our online business named WORTH where we import brands like Victoria’s Secret and Calvin Klein. We started as lingerie because we know that for a women a good lingerie is a need and here in Pakistan it’s hard to find one.

This story of these sisters is heart touching and I’m super proud of what they are doing! More power to you girls. They need your support. Don’t forget to follow them! <3








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  • Mehreena
    March 25, 2018

    i wish you people get more and more success ❣

    March 26, 2018

    Allah bless you good luck….

  • Saad Suliman
    April 1, 2018

    That’s something really amazing girls you are doing such a wonderful job…..GBU