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It’s about time. Let’s Deal With Anxiety Disorder

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Now that we have discovered that what are we going through, it’s about time we start finding all the possible ways to deal with the problem. (Just in case you are wondering what m I talking about, here. please click ) Just like one of those random, pep talks that you usually get from people around you, I would not say it’s easy to deal with an anxiety disorder. Yes, it is curable and you can totally control it but there’s a process and the process itself is a thing.  Beating it is like an uphill climb.

Anxiety disorders can severely impair your ability to function and this makes everything worse for you. Because you start to distance yourself from everything and everyone. Also, I have noticed all this time that we don’t deal with mental health as pragmatically as we do with physical health. It could happen to anyone, and we must deal with it empathetically rather than ignoring it and be like: These are just thoughts. I must be overthinking. I should sleep through it and dah dah dah. NO. Know that even just the hint of anxiety can make you flinch. With that being said, Let’s get into how we can actually start the process of dealing with it.

  • Initially and often, what we do is, we try to cope with those negative reactions by avoiding situations or experiences that make us anxious not knowing that, unfortunately, avoidance can backfire and actually feed the anxiety. Avoiding any problem that we face is never the solution. So, you are not supposed to avoid or ignore it. The best way is to TALK IT OUT. Now I personally do know that it’s something which we can’t talk feeling out most of the time, not because we are ashamed or something but we don’t understand how to or where to start from. But you have to. In my case, I have opened up about it to my parents and then to the therapist (Who happens to be my close family friends as well). Baba had listened to me for hours and I had taken days to explain what actually goes on inside my mind and what exactly do I feel and it helped. Sit & talk about it to either your best friend, siblings, parents. Connecting with people around you or with your closed ones is very important.


  • The first thing that I was taught throughout these times was the acceptance of it and facing the fear. This was probably the hardest pill to swallow at that time. Accepting your anxiety instead of resisting it or avoiding (with fear of it being a taboo) leaves it powerless. You need to face it head-on. And ones you accept it, you are in the power to fight back. And now you will know where to start. And how to fight it back and how not to let the triggers take over your mind. Acceptance makes it very easy to deal with an anxiety disorder.


  • Eating well. What you feed your body has a great impact on your mind. At the start I had stopped eating completely, I just couldn’t eat anything properly. I was skipping the meal because I just couldn’t feel like eating and I just used to munch on a packet of chips and all. Which made me go so weak. Fixing my eating routine was hard and yes I learned it the hard way but believe me looking keenly into what I was eating helped me in a lot of ways. So I was told I had to cut on junk completely, it was like I had to become a total vegetarian which was a win.


  • Start to Pay attention to your thoughts. Know that in the moment of panic attacks or anxiety attacks you need to make yourself understand that there’s no real fear or danger that needs your attention. I know that emotions or the negative thought pattern that we go through during an anxiety attack do overwhelm us but the quick tip is that immediately change your spot, move from the place you are at. And drink water. Lots and lots of water. LEMME TELL YOU THAT, I still fail at doing this but baba makes me repeat this almost every time I get a panic attack and it does reduce the duration and helps to calm myself down. 


  • Workout / Exercise, take a break, and fix your routine. Go out for a walk but please without your phone. Connect with nature. Give your body some time. It helps. Exercising or working out refreshes your mind and flashes out all those negative thoughts. Cut yourself from the world, take a break from work to regain life. I have done a blogpost on how I fixed my routine    and how it changed things for me.


  • Medication. Now there is a reason why I had put this in the last. This should be the last option for you when it comes to dealing with an anxiety disorder. When everything fails, only then. Because relying on medication won’t really help you get out of the problem for the longest time and could be addicting too. Usually, doctors prescribe different types of medications to control anxiety symptoms. These typically include antidepressants and antianxiety medications. But they do have side effects. While I was researching for myself, I came to know that, there are three types of medication prescribed for an anxiety disorder but I won’t be mentioning the medications here. You need to consult the doctor or therapist before going for any medication. I was on medication at the start but I had to stop after a month. I never wanted to rely on tablets to get going. But yes, I do take my daily supplements and vitamins.

Well, these are some of the very practical ways through which you could deal with anxiety disorder, and what I personally follow with CONSISTENCY to cope up with this certain mental state. Also, know that mental health is over everything and you have to take care of it no matter what. All you have to do is gather all the strength, accept, and start working on these little parts to get out of it. I BELIEVE WE CAN DO IT BECAUSE WE HAVE THE POWER TO CONTROL WHAT’S GOING ON IN OUR MINDS. 

Lemme know if it helped! Much love.

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