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International Young Leadership Conference UAE 2015

International Young Leadership Conference UAE 2015, most of you guys have been asking me how I found out about it and how and why I applied for it. So’ guys I came across  IYLC UAE 2015 on face book, I applied and got accepted.

The eight days of the 7th IYLC in 2015 were surely a turning point for me. And The IYLC has been my first international conference ever. Also, it was my first time to travel all alone

Basically it is arranged by the Civic Concepts International. The IYLC is a week-long experience aimed at achieving mutual understanding between participants from different parts of the world and the GCC region.

The main purpose of IYLC is to push participants who show potential to better themselves in various fields, particularly in politics and business. Moreover, to this it encourages a participants to have a role in the world, to show them how interconnected they can become. Each community faces their own issues but they do not have to face these alone. IYLC seeks to interconnect youth from around the world to gain a global perspective in order to overcome these challenges.

Attending International Young Leadership Conference ‘ UAE 2015 was an excellent opportunity to practice my skills as a delegate. Honestly I can say that International Young Leadership Conference UAE 2015 has changed my life in a very positive manner. After IYLC, I have became a person who has a great international conference experience. I made new friends, travelled places and had an eye-opening cultural experience and also, was professionally rewarding experience. Nonetheless attending a conference abroad is a huge challenge at this level. I was given the opportunity to test my leadership skills, strengthen my cultural awareness, deliver speeches, draft resolutions and make executive decisions.

I absolutely loved attendingInternational Young Leadership Conference UAE 2015. I had no idea there were so many people like me.  The people who to go that conference tend to be highly spiritual, light worker types who just broadcast love, light, and peace. Basking in that energy for a few days totally raised my vibration.

I think it really helps to know there are other people out there with similar goals and interests as you.  You can make new friends at a conference because you’re already compatible in at least one major area of your life. Furthermore, becoming a speaker at a conference often gives you the opportunity to network with the other speakers. How would you like to have dinner with people you used to pay money to see?

Becoming a speaker at a conference is a great way to get to the inside track and make valuable connections as well as to get over your fear of speaking in public. Personally I think this conference was very well organised and very successful. I fully enjoyed the one-week event with so many interesting seminars and discussions on various legal topics. I would like to express my heart-felt thanks to people who have made this International Young Leadership Conference possible and those who have shared their experiences during that one exciting week in UAE. I have benefited very much from this fantastic event.

They have their websites, fb pages etc. Get connected to them in order to participate in a life changing experiences.


If you want me to help you out more with getting into it, email me for further inquires: OR you can message me on my face book page: Zahra azam’s blog.




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