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#AskZahra; How To Start Blogging

Hey, Guys! I recently logged into my ask account after like a month or so and most of the questions that I’ve received were about how I started blogging? What made me decide to start blogging? Who is my fashion inspiration? What is the biggest challenge about fashion or combination blogging do I face? etc. As many of you asked me about Blogging and how to get start blogging, I thought of dedicating an entire post to it.

Well, lemme tell you all that Whoever thought that fashion blogging was all about clicking some OOTD’s for your Instagram profile for some likes and comments, or beauty blogging was all about freebies, had got it all wrong. Personally, I think that people don’t completely understand what blogging is all about, I see all of these people who think it’s all about freebies and it’s all super fancy but trust me it’s not, it does have its advantages but a lot of hard work goes into this entire process. I have literally spent days trying to build content, review different stuff, click pictures, post them on time and simultaneously  deal with my studies. Blogging takes up your vacations and weekends too. It’s a full-time job which involves you being on your laptop, checking all your social media accounts all the time, keeping the track properly and everything goes hand in hand and trust me all of this might seem fancy and fun-loving but it’s not a piece of cake. Also, many of you have asked me how I make money easily out of it? Honestly, it’s not easy to make money overnight. And it’s not easy to maintain. If you want to make blogging your full-time job, you REALLY have to make it your full-time job. You have to invest not just your passion and dedication, but also most importantly your time. This may sound super cliché, but, it’s true! Remember success doesn’t happen overnight. I have always believed that each individual is unique in their own way  and should carve their own path to success. There are no set rules. believe me. It’s always nice to be inspired by someone. However, why to follow directions when you can make your very own route to success.

In 2011, I started off with a blog on a free platform.  You may not find my older posts because they got deleted or disappeared somehow. As not a lot of people were into blogging back then, or maybe I didn’t know anyone, I decided to quit. Then in 2013 I met this one person who is among the top bloggers and I  switched to WordPress and created Lastwordstory . My inspiration would definitely be the blogger I met back then and then the  community. Also, this was one way through which I could share my love towards different aspects of life. Did I own high-tech types of equipment ? No!  Did anyone actually know about it? No! why? Because honestly I was pretty much scared or you can say shy to share it with my friends. Little did I know They’d support me and motivate me to this point. Moreover, My dad has always influenced my decisions in life. I have always looked up to him like a daddy’s little girl and he has always made sure to give me all the freedom, all the facilities in the world to do what I love. I have always been a very confused person who doesn’t stick to one decision and wants to do different things in life. Trust me, I have still not ended up in one thing. I keep on switching from one thing to another and I,m still not sure what I,m gonna be doing in next 5 years or so! Also, I think it was just the whole idea of being able to express my style on a platform since fashion, beauty, styling, lifestyle were pretty much on my mind all the time. I started this blog as a hobby, which eventually now, is becoming my profession. Also, Blogging gave me the opportunity to share my personal style, my thoughts and, given my fondness for writing, I think it was the perfect platform for me and getting started with it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The other thing that How do I manage time to run my blog efficiently, among other things? As I was juggling both school, an internship, and blogging, Yes it did get a little difficult. However, I tried to be as consistent as possible. So I used to put up blogs on the weekends. Now whenever I get time from my studies and uni routine, I blog. There are times when I sit in the class and start typing new posts for you guys :P.  When I started blogging, I never realized that I would end up doing it all the time. It took a lot of time and effort to reach to this point as nothing in life is easy. You have to be very dedicated to what you do and should not let anyone put you down. Besides hard work, smart work plays an important role. Blogging is a great platform to share what you know with the world and in exchange, you get to learn a lot from the people who read your blog.  Talking about my followers, When I started Lastwordstory, I had little followers on Instagram, but it’s always a little intimidating starting on new platforms. I mean you always start from zero. But I just really loved blogging so I continued doing it, without caring about how many people were following me or reading what I have to say and with time, it just grew.

I get this one question a lot even my parents sometimes ask me that where do I see myself , I always replied that I see myself doing what I love. I’m a kind of person who’d love being an independent and happy with what I do were my priorities and that’s exactly where I am struggling hard to be. I’m not there yet, but I’m working day and night to be there. I just look forward to being happy as I am today and doing well. Another one interesting question that I have received a month back I guess and it was that if I could be anyone for a day, who would you like to be? Well, myself! It’s having achieved what I’ve always dreamt of. And I believe that nothing is more beautiful than being yourself  in the world.

One more thing that I’d love to share with you guys is that never let your failures dishearten or demotivate you. For me, I don’t think I regret doing anything in life and I won’t call any of my faults as failures because I believe everything happens for a reason and everything that happens leads you to a better future. Every downfall is a new lesson. I am very grateful to God for giving me such beautiful experiences in life up till now and I look forward to much more. But let’s talk about the most frustrating aspect you can say of the blogging industry would be, the negativity you receive from people. With blogging comes promoting yourself on social media and with social media comes a lot of negativity along with positive vibes. You have to put your life out in the open for people to see and comment what they like. Sometimes it just goes out of your control and me, being a mere human behind the blog, gets a little upset with a few remarks. But nonetheless, I appreciate constructive criticism because that help me better myself. Keeping that aside, there are a lot of perverts and pessimist people on social media too. So, it gets a little depressing and demotivating at times.  About the challenges, I believe every career that you opt for has its challenges. Something that I face is the events. Since I live in a city (Peshawar) where it is little or zero meetup, brand events, launches etc it’s pretty hard to get in touch with brands or make them notice you. There isn’t really much to do besides getting to them via internet and especially when you’re trying to create a variety, it can be quite difficult.

I’d like to conclude it here and to cut the long story short if you want to start a blog of your own just Be yourself and be patient. Good things come with time. Don’t let negative vibes put you down or stop you doing what you love.  If you’re just starting a blog, it may take the time to grow. But keep yourself motivated, work hard and create good content, and success will find you. Another thing that I think is very important to keep in mind when starting a blog is  to take this up only if you are passionate about it not because you’re bored or you’ve got nothing to do because if you start it for the sake of money, it’s never gonna happen. Always believe that you have a great sense. It’s so sad when young girls or most of my Facebook friends ask me about blogging, only because they want free things. Blogging is so much more than these ‘freebies’, it’s all about your true passion, be it fashion, food, beauty, travel etc. and yes, it’s a very hectic career. In order to be successful, you need to be very dedicated and would need to invest a lot of time and efforts.

So yeah, I hope I have answered everything you guys have been asking me on my social media accounts from quite a lot of time now. And I’m sorry for being inactive on ask FM, I don’t really know why I don’t check it regularly but anyways! Feel free to drop your questions or anything you want to know about me on Instagram or Facebook and I will get back to you! :’)



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