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“Holla” – App Review

Hi there! Getting bored of your chats lately? How about bring some fun to your chats? There’s recently been a lot of buzz about an app, Holla. So guys yes the wait is finally over and it is now available on playstore. Unfortunately, the app is only on the android market currently, but the Holla team will make it IOS friendly very soon.  Install it already and rock your chats with giggles and laughter. Holla is basically a funny audio sticker app!


This new social media app that is not very similar to all the apps there on your smartphones, but it brings some new tricks to the table! It has funny audio stickers. Imagine sending an audio sticker “Evil Laugh” as a reply to your friends to show an expression of boasting. Who doesn’t want to make their chats interesting right? *wink* Hollafiers can now select amongst different categories of audio stickers and enjoy! 😀

If you don’t have Holla on your smart phones yet, you are surely missing out on one of the cutest apps ever.


Holla – Now available on Playstore

Here’s the Playstore Link: httpsss://

Go get this app on your smart phones and have fun! All you have to do is download it, sign up, invite your BFFs and have fun. It’s absolutely amazing people!  You will love it. It can totally change the way of communication with my friends. It is highly recommended. It’s fun, Nice, simple little app. Also very easy to use and has lovely audio sticker collection.  Good job team Holla! (Y) 

New updates are coming soon! Stay tuned people for more fun features. (: Do share your views with me about the app and be sure to drop me a line in the comment section below! 🙂

 “Happy Holla-ing! :D”

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