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Get up Get dress And Celebrate

Hey Guyss!  Get up get Dress and Celebrate. Since it’s valentine’s days, Happy Valentines day to you all lovers and singles out there! Yes, single too! 😀  After all, why singles can´t use this special day to show some love to a BFF, someone very special, your parents? Let’s push the boundaries away and make it a Love day. No forever alone mood today girls! Get up, get dress and celebrate Valentines day in your own way.

Get up Get dress And Celebrate!

It’s that time of year again. Though every Valentine’s day, single people usually poke some fun at their friends with significant others. There’s always some kind of reminder that you are not in a relationship. But trust me guys, it not really important to be in one to celebrate all them love days. Now whether you actually mind or not, I think this year it’s time to do something differently. Instead of just “eat ice cream out of a tub and cry” or the “get myself pizza and watch movies on Netflix all day” plans, I think single people that actually want to do something on Valentine’s day should get to enjoy something that isn’t meant to point out that we are, in fact, single. Get up, get dress (Red dress okay? okay.) and celebrate! Go out for a dinner with your best friends or parents. Get flowers for your dad/mom. Celebrate it the way you want to! Just romanticize the heck out of being single! 😀 People, find things about being single that are genuinely enjoyable, and perhaps even glamorous.

Okay, so today I went shopping with my dad for my mom and the whole market was just crazy! I could only see Flowers, Gifts, teddy bears and stuff. Everything was red and there was ‘love’ feels everywhere! haha.

Get up Get dress And Celebrate  Get up Get dress And Celebrate  get up get dress and celebrate Get up Get dress And Celebrate  Get up Get dress And Celebrate

It was so much fun helping dad shopping for his valentine! <3 I’m gonna show you what my dad got for mom. Everything was just so cute and lovely. Seeing all them uncles with flower, chocolates and gift bags made me so happy. lol. It felt so good seeing my dad being so in love with mom and caring for her! My dad bought a beautiful pink/girly cake and a bunch of roses and a very pretty dress from a designer. Cute?

Get up Get dress And Celebrate  Get up Get dress And Celebrate

Get up get dress and celebrate

It makes me very happy so see my parents being so caring and loving for each other. One of the biggest blessings I could possibly ever ask for and continue wishing to one day have is to find the kind of love my parents still have for each other even after so many years! <3

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  • Salman
    February 13, 2016

    i am planning to throw stones at couples 😀