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Gear Online Shopping Review

Sweatshirt for men and women trend started quite a while ago and it got really massive. Its popularity is growing even more with. This comfortable garment which was once suitable only for athletes and gym-goers, has been reinvented on fashion runways and become so chic, so trendy, fashionable and so wanted. Sweatshirts have stolen hearts of millions of fashionistas because they are very easy to play around. If you haven’t got yourself a sweatshirt or sweatshirt dresses yet, it’s the perfect time to do it. And GearPk have some really cool ones! You can wear them with jeans and skirts, jogging pants and shorts. Check out their shop to find some amazing sweatshirt sets for more fashion inspiration. This winter, get classy with the all new and trendy collection of Gear. For those who has no idea what gear is,  it is basically an online store offering hoodies for women and men, sweatshirts, sweatshirt dresses,   T-shirts for men as well as women and loads more.  And as a matter of fact, we all love wearing something really very cozy in winters especially the ones that bring a trendy chic look as well as are comfortable. And You don’t have to worry If you don’t know yet where to get your hands on amazing and super chic and comfortable sweatshirts and hoodies. I have got your back covered girlies! YESS  Gear is the place where you could get them at your doorstep!

Recently, Team Gear has been kind enough to send me two of the sweatshirts for the Gear Review from their super cool collection and as soon as I received them, I fell in love instantly! The stuff was too good. I mean you could hardly find good stuff with low and affordable prices these days and that too online. Let me show you guys which ones I have got from Gear and how I styled them.

gear review

Gear Review



Gear Review

Silver Cat Sweatshirt <— Click here to buy this one for only Rs. 799.

OKAAY! So the first one was this sliver cat sweatshirt that came in and It’s literally the perfect sweatshirt for this weather without a doubt. The material is super soft and smooth made from 100 percent cotton. It’s also very light weighted falls generously over body giving you space to move around as well as that keeping you cozy and comfortable at the same time. Which is super great!! I totally loved the stuff and can honestly wear it forever! Let’s move to the second one now. (:

Gear Review

Gear Review

Blood Red Sweatshirt <— Click here to get you hands on this one for only Rs. 749!

This is one is a blood-red sweatshirt. It is uni sex. Both men and women can wear it. I just loved the colour. It’s so fresh and feels really good to eyes! This is same as the black one. Soft, cozy and comfortable! The stuff is amazing. I paired both of them with the blue ripped denim jeans from ZARA.  You must grab this one for the valentine’s day that is just around the corner :3

Gear Review!!

This is a very honest review guys! I have been wearing these sweatshirts for a week now.  The thing that I loved about gear is that the quality of their hoodies for men and women, sweatshirts and t-shirts is just too good. I’m at loss of words when it comes to the quality! Secondly, they have original and unique designs. They offer free home delivery, Not to mention the quality is as amazing as it can get. Also, the bestest part is their delivery is super fast. It hardly takes a day or get delivered the same day you order. If you are someone like me, You would love Gear for their fast delivery. Because I can never wait to get my stuff once I order them :p. All their products are very moderate and are available at cheap, low, affordable prices.
These pretty sweatshirts were such a new charm for me. Like I never wore a sweatshirts before as like to wear them at younger age. Not because I never knew about them but I was not really found of them ever before. I was pretty much excited for the look I shared with you guys up there! Hope you liked it? 😀
Also if you want to get your hands on such more amazing sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts etc you can BUY HERE from their website.  Trust me on this their collection of sweatshirts and hoodies is just super cool. Do have a glance at their website and I’m sure you would totally fall in love with the products they have to offer.
You can follow Gear on Instagram Here
Like there Facbook Page Here to shop as well as to keep an eye on what’s coming next!
Outfit Detail
Sweatshirts – Gear
Denim Jeans – ZARA
Superstar – Adidas Original
Do check out all their pages and let me know how you like it. Also, I would 100% recommend Gear to anyone who wants to buy sweatshirts and hoodies online in Pakistan. I hope you guys loved this post as much as I loved writing it. Shoot for Gear Review was super fun!
Have a good weekend guys! Till next time <3 


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