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Friday Ramblings – What’s Inside My Bag??!

Heyy Guys, I have been wanting to do one of these posts for the longest time. I love reading  what’s inside my bag posts as I find it very interesting as I am sure most of you do too so I thought why not write my own. 😀 Let me tell you that I was a kind of girl who hated carrying a bag or a purse around! Seriously. and now when I’ve changed so much, I started carrying a bag because I have to 😛 (actually) and the things that I carry are all that I need the most like every day and all the time. So, Here’s what’s inside my bag:

Inside my bag

1.My makeup:  I don’t carry a lot of makeup with me, just a few things I need during the day. Like the products (lipstick, blush) that I’ve used in the morning. Also, I always have my MAC studio fix powder (NC 20) and a few lipsticks and a lip balm!

2.Sunnies:  The shades that are always in my bag are from Aldo, most of you have seen me wearing them!(As I just carry those around) They’rethe only shades that don’t make my nose look huge and like suit me so I carry them with me allll the time. Also, I keep three to four others too that I have but I rarely wear those.

3. Gum or sweets: This is an essential, duh! I get the sudden craving for sweets or gums, that’s why I make sure that they’re in my bag all the time. My favorite is extras, tridents, and mentos.

4. Keys: I keep my closets and car keys in my bag like always because these are the only thing that I forget almost all the time and I sometimes lose them when I’m out. The moment I get out of my car, I throw the keys inside and move forward!

5. Perfume:  This is something that you’d find in my bag, in my car, like almost everywhere. I carry a perfume that is from victoria secrets (love me), This isn’t my fav thou but something that I’m using these days.

6: Sanitizer:  I make sure I never leave home without a sanitizer in my bag because this is something you’d always need. After all, you gotta stay gem free. I usually carry a Dettol sanitizer with me. It’s a major essential and I think all of you should carry one with you when heading out.

7: Card Wallet: I have a black wallet that I bought from jafferjees, a few months ago and I fell in love with it because It has so much space that I have kept all my cards, slips, money etc in it and it still has a few sections empty. It has literary made my life easier and all my cards are organized and in place.

Anddd That’s alll! Thank for Reading! Let me know what’s inside your bags? 🙂




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