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Exchange 2015

Exchange 2015 – Ah Best trip ever! 

So guys, I’m going to write about my AIESEC exchange 2015 experience in Bahrain. I spent roughly six weeks in the beautiful country, Bahrain. I was working on a project called Enliven, it was about recreation and what I’ve been doing in Bahrain was most about education.

Exchange 2015

The reason I wanted to participate in the Exchange project was that I always wanted to improve the world. There are numerous corners in this world that need the help, but few people notice it. Therefore, I just wanted to use my capacity to contribute towards our world, and I believe our world will absolutely become better if everyone is willing to do something for this issue. and I think AIESEC is one of the platforms that gives you loads of such opportunity.

Everyone was very welcoming and took care of me very well. I stayed in a villa with the other 16 – 20 interns on the project with me and we became family instantaneously. 

I miss all of you sooo much! 

Exchange 2015

I miss you all sooo much! 

People who were in AIESEC took wonderful care of us. They picked us up from the airport with a big welcome sign, were always on call in case we needed anything, and showed us the best parts of their culture and country. When we weren’t working they took us out on excursions such as going to the amusement parks, carting, and amazing islands. Bahrain was definitely worth the visit because it’s absolutely gorgeous! They are also all very hospitable people. I was treated with the utmost respect and kindness. When my friends and I were lost, they were there to help us out even if we didn’t know them. I love AIESEC and how it connected me with friends/ people all over the world and I would relive that summer a hundred times over!

Being a teacher for 6 weeks for these little angels has made my life.

Exchange 2015 Exchange 2015IMG_2522

Thanks for everything LC Arados for such an amazing experience! 

P.s ‘Take a chance and make an impact with GCDP!’  

Exchange 2015  IMG_2915

Exchange 2015


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