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Reasons to Not Let Your Kids Watch Doraemon & Shinchan

Have you turned the TV on to Disney Channel, Cartoon Network or other cartoon channels lately? If yes then you would agree with me on this post! I’m writing this for all the parents especially out there. I will talk about a few of the cartoons that my baby brother watches and I’ve noticed something in them that I think is not really healthy for children. Somewhere I feel that the cartoons have lost their way. The Cable TV touches more and more Households in Pakistan.The Children of our country are being exposed 24X7 to these cartoons films and episodes like Shinchan and Doraemon. Cartoon series are basically broadcasted for the entertainment of the children. Cartoons are an integral part of the childhood as they educate children about the happenings and the creative things so that they can also gain confidence to get the things done by them. Besides this, cartoons are also the effective means of communications that convey the message quickly than a written notice. But cartoons and its content and the health of the children are very important. And you must have to check the content of the cartoons that your child is watching.

Now, I see five-year-old children, watching the world’s most troublesome child, “Shinchan”, also a five-year-old child, one who never listens to either his parents or his teachers. This kid is disrespectful towards his mother. I have even seen him, commenting on how fat his mother is or how badly she cooks. Children can never learn something positive from this kind of child. The child who would be watching that show, will definitely, grow up to be sexist and someone who disrespect women, including his own mother.  Children inspire by Shinchan the Mischievous Brat leading to a sudden change in behavior and Actions.

Another such cartoon character that I dislike is “Doraemon”, a child who is extremely demanding and spoilt. There is no Doraemon in reality, but every child has parents and for every other problem they will develop a demanding attitude forever in their life. They imitate and get inspired from characters like Jian the Bully.character in the Doraemon, Nobita doesn’t love to study and always run away from study. This leaves a bad impression on your children and he will also try to imitate Nobita and don’t want to study. A child can’t learn anything positive from such cartoons honestly. Cartoons are just meant to entertain. Yet the fallout is immense. As a theorist, John Locke says, “A child’s mind is like a blank slate.” The effects of television are life-altering, and the content of cartoons is as important and can have a positive or negative effect on a child as he enters adulthood. Today’s cartoon teaches all the negative things and shows the bad sides rather than showing children something positive. Children usually consider cartoons their role models and imagine your children making Doraemon or Shinchan making their role models?

Cartoons like Doraemon & Shinhan have often the destructive content besides having the constructive content. These cartoons are not for the learning new things. Kids often learn bad and aggressive habits if they get habitual of this type of cartoon content and I have seen many kids being super super addictive to these cartoons!

I was born in the middle of a great decade – the ’90s. This decade was different for many because it was the beginning of a tradition of watching television together as a family. It also saw the launch of Cartoon Network. Never before were there specific channels for cartoons for children. I still remember how my younger brother would never ever eat spinach. One day, as my brother and I, were watching television, and we saw “Popeye – The Sailor Man”, eating the same vegetable, with great joy and how he became powerful after it. Believe it or not, after that, my brother would himself tell my mother to make spinach for him. As my brother and I were in our early childhood we use to watch cartoons together and our favorite were “Tom and Jerry”  “Dragon Tales” “Franklin” “Mina Raju” “Dexter’s Laboratory” and much more such. And those cartoons have always taught us good things. Who can forget to watch Looney Toons or Tom and Jerry on mornings? Cartoons have changed drastically over the years but have their lasting effects on children.

Cartoons are not bad for children unless they have the healthy content and they are delivering a positive message! I’d request all the parents to stop their children from watching Doraemon and shin chan asap!

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  • Mehr
    July 10, 2017

    Absolutely agree ! My parents watch Discovery Science with me instead ☺

    • ZahraAzam
      July 12, 2017

      And that’s great! 🙂