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I have made my contribution to the society, Have you?

Hello, People! Hope you all are good! Do you know this Ramadhan Debenhams did something special for the people in need? Debenhams had teamed up with  Karachi Relief Trust to help the less fortunate in our society. I hope you all were just as excited to see campaigns like give and take as I was. All we had to do was go to the Debenhams store with a bag of old clothes and donate them at the drop boxes placed inside the store.  This box right below that you see in the image.

AND AND AND you know what was even more amazing?  in return, we got an amazing discount of 20% on all full priced items. I shopped for the first time without feeling guilty. It felt great to be part of this great cause and help Debenhams bring about a social change after all charity does begin at home. I have made my contribution to the society, Have you?

Also, let me tell you clothing donation centers are a great place to take your unwanted items. You can feel good knowing that your used clothing is benefiting someone less fortunate. The next time you clean out your closets, why not take your unwanted clothes to any donation center instead of throwing them in the trash. Contribution to the society and try to make someone else’s life a little better.

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