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Blogging 1O1- Why You Should Start Blogging

One of the questions I get asked a lot is, ‘Why I started blogging?’ Good question! Honestly my answer was always, ‘so that I will have something to reply to when someone asks me What are my hobbies 😀  Well, when I started to blog, I had no clue that it’d be one of my favourite things to do each day/week. Over the past few months, my blog has grown in ways I never imagined. I went from being set on fashion blogging, to general lifestyle blogging, to providing tips and resources for creatives. That’s the great thing about this hobby/lifestyle/whatever you want to call it! You can write about whatever you want and truly be yourself! Trust me, blogging is so much more than just writing posts though. You’re constantly learning new skills, meeting new people, and exploring your interests through different subjects. Also, I have had and still have highs and lows with blogging but I never gave up on it. a Based on my experience of blogging up till now, here are some reasons why I think you all should start a blog!

More and more people are discovering the joy of blogging and opening themselves up through a blog or similar. People are starting blogs for various purposes. Each and every blogger defines differently how blogging is valuable to them. And each and every blogger started for different reasons. Everyone is different, right? People have different reasons for wanting to blog. Unique goals. Personal dreams. Various levels of ambition. And billions of different needs or desires. And yes, you should also find a reason to even give it a try. While it’s true that there are thousands of blogs and more popping up each day, don’t let that stop you. There is only one you.

Why You Should Start Blogging

I am the kind of person who pushes someone to do something they’ve never done before (and I think I’m good at it :P). So let me convince YOU to start blogging now. Don’t worry, I’m not selfish. To some, blogging may be a competition, but let me give you a lame mantra before you read this post. “BLOGGING IS FOR FUN.” Lame, No! I know. But people often jump into conclusions like it’s hard to blog everyday/week etc. But believe me once you will get into blogging, you are gonna LOVE it! Okay so, If you still haven’t taken the blog plunge, maybe these few list of reasons will convince you to go ahead and dive in. Here’s my blogging 101, I hope this helps you with getting a blog started already; 

  • You get to meet awesome people!                                                            The blogging community is the most supportive and amazing community I’ve ever found. I have met so many amazing people past few months and through their blogs and few of them become more than just a blogger mates. These people became real friends, supporters, even though most of us have never met in person yet, I love the connection that I have with them through our blogging journey and also, that gives me purpose and support somehow. Also, Everyday someone new reads my blog and gets to know me a little more than before. And every once in a while one of those readers will reach out and either comment on the blog or email me. I just love that!
  • Brag a Little                                                                                               The best part of blogging (that I totally love)  is that you get to share your work. Do you love doing OOTD’s or do you make stunning home decor or you travel places? Why not share it with the world and brag about yourself a little!
  • You want to make money?                                                                        I never started blogging to make money nor do I intend to and the reason is that I believe starting a blog with the main intention of making a living out of it is not the best idea. But if that is your goal I see nothing wrong with that. Just as anyone pursues a job, blogging can definitely be a great source of income. You can make passive income or put in the hours and energy to make it a good source of income. It really depends on what you want and what it costs you to get there.
  • To have documentation of your life                                                 Today we live in a digital world and rarely take the time to write anything down on paper or make a daily diary. This is something I personally would like to change about myself, but for now I’m grateful I have my blog so that I would have something to look back on. (I regret not starting it years back). It like saving your memories!
  • You’ll learn technical skills                                                                   How many depends on how in depth you decide to look into the foundation of your blog, but I’m pretty confident that every blogger has gained some amount of technical skills while setting up their blogs.  I’ve learned or become familiar with so many technical terms and stuff through blogging, which are great to show off on your resume. 😀
  • To position yourself as an expert                                                     Your blog is your zone, your platform, your classroom, your diary to share your expertise, your stuff etc. Consider what you know how to do really well and what you love, then start sharing it on your blog.
  • To gain confidence                                                                          Believe me, Just like my skills for writing grew, my confidence did too. If You’re insecure and need some validation, start up a blog. You’ll be surprised how much positive feedback you will get. You’re awesome and you know it. Here’s your chance to show it.
  • It looks great on your resume                                                      Lastly, This is something really cool that I never considered when I started blogging. Applying for a job requires finding a way to stand out from the other applicants, and having a blog will do just that! Instead of just putting ‘writing’ under the skills section of your resume, you can link to your blog so the interviewer can see how great and amazing you are.

Do you see how blogging provides so many possibilities for you? What Next? You really should be blogging, don’t you think? 🙂 Let me know in the comments, what your thoughts are and what’s holding you back!


Feel free to post your questions under any image on my Instagram page and I will get back to you!

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1 Comment
  • Noor
    March 25, 2016

    I gotta be honest here, the girl really made me rethink my life, n now i have this newly found interest in writing a blog, i hope its never too late though