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Benefit Moisturize Review

Hey dolls! Doing a Benefit Moisturize Review. So, Let’s talk about why moisturizers matter. You can’t go a day without drinking water? Right?

Well, same you can’t let you skin de-hydrated. You shouldn’t let a single day go without hydrating your skin properly. So say Good-bye to dry skin,and say hello hydration! 🙂

*I believe I’ve posted about benefits products before and honestly I loved them to death!* 😛

Benefit Moisturize Review:

Well, I have finally found something that is very moisturizing, goes a long way, and is not oily. I have bought this Total Moisture Facial Cream by benefit from Sephora. It’s been a while now I’m using it and I wear it in my daily routine makeup and I totally love how it gives a fresh an healthy look.Total Moisture is a heavy-duty, thick-textured moisturizer for a normal to dry skin. It provides concentrated, immediate and long term hydration. And also, when I wear it, it gives my skin a very youthful look and ultra radiant complexion. It smells gorgeous, isn’t greasy, so smooth and comes in a very cute and pretty clear jar.

This total moisture by benefit is much better than I imagined it would be. I decided to make the move from the moisturiser in a bottle because its ridiculous design flaws but was concerned that this thicker cream would be greasy for a day cream, but I have been pleasantly surprised at how good it is and definitely not too thick for a day cream! And as I said before, Im saying it again It smells divine and it is beautiful on your skin. I loved it! <3

It’s Very pricey, but definitely worth every penny!

Benefit Moisturize Review

Benefit Moisturize Review

Give your skin what it thirsts. Gently apply the cream to face and neck. If your complexion requests another round, let ‘er sip! especially during dry winter days or fresh outta the shower.

Best moisturizer ever!

Benefit Moisturize Review

Benefit Moisturize Review

P.s If your skin is sensitive it is not recommended because it contains a small amount of fragrance ingredients known to be sensitising.

Lastly, I’d rate it 10/10, definitely recommend! :’)


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  • Mashaal
    February 7, 2016

    Amazing. Good job keep it up <3

  • Nafisah Arnissa
    February 21, 2016

    please write more about make up, make up is my current obsession now hehe. i would love it if you review or give a look how you do your daily make up, keep it up ; )