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Benefit Erase Paste Review

I have been waiting desperately to do benefit erase paste review. Annd yaay finally here it is. I recently bought up the Erase Paste concealer from Benefit. I have never had one before because honestly I have always had horrible experiences with concealers. But this one from benefit, was surly on my wish list. Even though they have got more lovely concealers such as fake up and yes I was tempted to buy it, but I decided to go for erase paste instead. It comes in 3 shades, light (1) medium (2) dark (3).

 Umm’ yes people I’m kinda more into benefit products and have done few reviews before. And the reason why I’m kind of addicted to benefit, is that they perfectly go with my skin.

I went with medium shade, No. 2. It’s not too light neither too light. And I think that’s a perfect shade for correcting and concealing dark under eye circles. It’s good with my skin tone. Trust me guys it gives flawless result! Especially if you have deep dark circles, Erase Paste is perrrfect for you!

Benefit Erase Paste Review Benefit Erase Paste Review

This is how it looks. Cute? No? Erase Paste’s super cute and girly. It has a mini booklet inside which has all the instructions. This paste is very easy to apply. No special techniques.

Benefit Erase Paste Review:  

I use it with my very own finger technique. Because I personally think that figures do really good when blending concealers or foundation instead of brushes. You can use brushes as well.

So I lightly dip my finger into this really cute erase paste pot, as it’s very thick, a little goes a long way. Then gently buff it into my under eye dark circles. Also, I buff a little on spots and blemishes. It is very creamy and blends in very easily. Blending can take a bit of time. Yes, you can definitely use a beauty blender or a concealer brush to blend it properly. But why I recommend doing it with your fingers, because your natural body heat will have better blending.

Okay, so if you want to set it with translucent powder, do it only after it’s fully settle. I would suggest settling is with a powder in order to stop erase paste from creasing. Also, always use a triangle technique. Create an upside down triangle when applying whether erase paste or any other concealer. This will brighten up your entire under eye area and will blend beautifully. Also, it will make you look even more flawless.

Benefit Erase Paste Review

Please excuse the picture quality. Here I have used it and I hope you could see how it works even though I know it’s not very clear here. I wish I could get a clearer picture but believe me benefit erase paste is first ever concealer that I totally love and it just works so perfectly amazing! <3 

However, I’m glad that I got my hands on one of benefit’s best selling concealers.  

So girls, what’s your favorite concealer to use for your under eye dark circles? 

Share your secrets! 😀 I’d love to know :’) 

xoxo – 


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