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A Day Well Spent

A day well spent – I recently had an opportunity to spend a day with the special need children. We organised a charity visit to their school in Peshawar, Pakistan. “Children with special needs are not weird or odd, they only want what we all want: to be accepted.”

I had the best day there with them. It’s such a rewarding feeling working with special needs children! <3 We danced with the disabled kids and gave them presents. We also played games and had pizzas and juices with them. I had the best day with them.

It always makes me sad when other kids/People are rude to them and act like they are less than them. I actually really enjoyed  with them and I consider them as my friends. Since getting to know them, talking with them, I’ve come to realise that they really are not different from the rest of us. I’m so glad I have met them, because they honestly are a better people than all of us. They made me feel happy. I wish I could just be with like 1 million special needs kids every hour of every day. Give them a chance if you know one, you might be surprised. They have made me a better person. Also, if you have never volunteered for activities with special needs children, I highly recommend it. Those kids have a brighter light than most.

Spending the whole day with Special needs Children, understanding their needs and how different their world is, really puts our problems in perspective. I’ve had the most amazing day spending time with these lovely kids. :’)


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  • Nafisah Arnissa
    January 30, 2016

    thats very cool of you, Zahra!

    • ZahraAzam
      January 30, 2016

      Thank you Nafisah <3

  • Hamza Mansoor
    January 30, 2016

    It was the best day indeed