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Back At It – 6 Step Morning Routine

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Hey? Hello. Whatsup? I know it’s been a while that I last dropped by here. I’m guilty. By nature and (Don’t be surprised) like most human beings, I’m a creature of habit. We really thrive real hard on orders and schedules. Don’t we? Well, I’m not gonna talk about where was I all this time but yea would share a smol change that I tried super hard to make and maintain throughout this time. And oh yea, just FYI, I’m proud of me because my mornings were once chaotic and not all glamorous, I was a chronic nightcrawler like literary. A few months ago, I had no regards or organized morning routines, I had no cause for waking up early or developing productive routines. I was waking up sometimes noontime, sometimes past 2 pm and I didn’t really care about the overall quality of my life. Even though when I was working 9 to 5, I barely cared about the routines and all. I just flowed with the careless tide and the end result was detrimental; I was stunned and couldn’t go above a certain level because obviously.

I’d put together a simple morning routine that I actually started following ever since the quarantine happened and also because I desperately wanted to bring this change in order to stay healthy and sane and I hope it’s helpful for you too. All of the things that I do are quite easy to put in place. Nothing fancy or over the board, I promise.

Okay so first and foremost, make sure the morning routine that you are trying to develop should be enjoyable. I mean something that sets the tone for the rest of the day for you. I know it’s a little hard nowadays, being in a lockdown one can barely make things enjoyable but we can give it a try. Also, It better be easy and more practical so that you can stay consistent.

You know what, I have realized one thing that mornings are quite precious and deserve to be treated as such. I mean, I don’t know about you but there’s always something so beautiful about early mornings. I make sure there is always a deliberate slowness to my mornings.

Let’s get into the process of making this possible for all those who find it hard to make mornings possible.

  • Sleep Early the night Before. I mean yes, develop a good night routine. THIS. ISS. VERY. VERY. IMPORTANT. You guys. I know its easier said than done but trust me if you honestly try, it happens and it’s possible. If a night owl like me can do it, anyone can do it then! Now that I sleep early I have realized that from being feeling sluggish to being unable to concentrate on things, bad sleeping habits do take a toll on your body and mind leading to a lot of physical and mental health issues, and yet most of us compromise on it.


  • Stretch – Walk – Go out. We spend a hell chunk of our time on our phones and laptops. You’d say no but hey get the rescue time app for a week and tell me what is says. So what you gotta do is, leave your phones and tabs alone after you wake up. Go out for a walk or simply stretch your body for good 5 mins. It helps in blood circulation which will help you set your body for the rest of the day and work you have ahead. Getting some fresh air helps with contemplation and thinking positively. Let those sun rays touch your skin.


  • Get a Cup of Chai/Coffee and Sit in Silence. Few people call it meditation, I call it me time. Take a mindful break.  Do you know what’s the ideal state of mind is? When you sit silently, breathing fresh air and sipping on chai thinking about nothing really but so indulged into those vibes. And oh you’d love it. You’d actually look forward to living those 30 to 50 mins every single morning believe me.


  • Journal. Yes, seriously. I love and adore my journal. I have recently developed this habit of journalling and there is no going back I tell you. It is a perfect place for you to think, feel, discover, reflect, expand, remember, and dream. It keeps your creative side alive. Also, you ought to make out time to get your emotions and thoughts out on paper rather than letting it recycle, dominate your mind, and conflict your experience.


  • Shower & Get Dressed Please. Even if you are someone who works from home. In this global pandemic, most of us are working from home and I can understand how hard and lethargic one can get but if you wanna be productive and feel good, there’s no point in staying in your pajamas the whole day.  (Coming this from me is a little weird lol but I have changed bro) Getting dressed does have a very positive impact on us.


  • Be Consistent. Consistency is the key sis. Remember all of the above that I said will only be effective if you’d follow it religiously. Nothing is more effective than consistency. It is a habit that yields progress and achievement in anything we do. Also, most importantly be consistent with your sleeping and waking habits that even on weekends you wake up early. It will soon become your lifestyle and you will love it.

LISTEN. Don’t be hard on yourselves, please. It is a process and developing a routine takes time. One step at a time. You are not supposed to do everything on the list of everything that the other person is doing. Create your own routine which is more aligned with your lifestyle or which is way more practical to you. Challenging yourself is the only way you are going to do better. LET ME KNOW IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A MORNING ROUTINE. I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR ABOUT YOURS!

Morning Routine

Morning Routine

Morning Routine

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