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6 Statement Neckpieces For Spring

How many of you face ‘I don’t have anything to wear or anything good to wear? hard times. I’m pretty sure most of us do! Well girls, I have come up with a perfect solution for it. No more hard times 😀 You can make your everyday a good dress day, if you know how to carry yourself in a proper manner. If you ask me, the best way to revamp an outfit is by adding a little flair. Style your old dress look good and stylish by adding a statement neckpiece and come up with a new look. It’s been a while now that I am particularly loving statement necklaces. Adding few good statement neckpieces to your jewellery box won’t hurt. And believe me they are not costly. I’m sharing these 6 statement neckpieces for spring and standout in this season.

With the spring in full swing, the last thing we all want to do is weigh a not really breezy but light outfit down with lots of funky and pretty accessories. Statement neckpieces are the popular fashion trend for the last few years.  You can almost style every outfit (even the old ones) nicely with statement neckpieces.

6 Statement Neckpieces For Spring 

A bold, eye-catching pieces of jewellery can surely transform any outfit. And make everyday a good dress day. Here, I round-up my favoured necklaces for the Spring. Also, if you’re going to wear a bold statement neckpiece, don’t overdo it with other jewellery like bold earrings, rings etc.

The coin looped 

6 Statement Neckpieces For Spring 6 Statement Neckpieces For Spring

The coin looped neckpiece is very trendy. This neckpiece gives a very antique yet modern and classy touch. While it takes someone willing to make a statement to wear it, does it with pride.  You can pair it with a denim shirt and black leggings during the day, a fitted patterned dress at night or a kurti. It’s one of the must haves item for the spring.                                       Neckpiece: Accessorize.

P.s (Just in case you’re wondering, the shirt is by Sahar Atif) =p I love this colour and is a youthful for your spring wardrobe collection! 🙂

Stone embellished neckpiece

6 Statement Neckpieces For Spring6 Statement Neckpieces For Spring

This one, I think is very elegant and delightful. You can style it with any plain white t-shirts or kurtis. It looks beautiful. The stones hooked on bronze wired chain makes it very unique. Perfect for the spring season!                          Neckpiece: Accessorize                                                                                               Shirt: Chenone 

Twist Necklace

6 Statement Neckpieces For Spring 6 Statement Neckpieces For Spring

I just love this one so much!  Looks absolutely beautiful with orangish outfits or you can style it with any dress, if it matches or in contrast. Will it seem overdressed if you wear it to tea with some friends? NO! not at all. It can totally pull out your whole outfit together and makes you look chic.                  Neckpiece: Aldo                                                                                                              Shirt: Khaddi 

Stradivarius Bold  neckpiece:

6 Statement Neckpieces For Spring  6 Statement Neckpieces For Spring

It’s a very bold statement neckpiece and would definitely go with spring season’s dresses. It you are wearing something exactly like this, very bold, then it’s important to keep the rest of your look simple and sleek.  I love it’s colour combination. I’d suggest wear such neckpiece with the plain kurtis or shirts or dresses. Let the necklace make the statement! 🙂 I honestly don’t remember the shop 🙁

The gold coin neckpiece

6 Statement Neckpieces For Spring6 Statement Neckpieces For Spring

I bought this bold and trendy neckpiece from Khaddi Pakistan. Trust me the coin necklaces could go on a woman of any age. Keeping the look simple with the bold neckpiece on and still feeling it’s not enough, compliment it with a bold lip! khaddi has the best and traditional neckpieces. Do check them out.

3 Layered neckpiece: 

6 Statement Neckpieces For Spring 6 Statement Neckpieces For Spring

I didn’t know it’s name, so I named it myself. =p (name doesn’t matter okay? okay.) 😀 Last but not the least, this neckpiece is very simple and elegant. You can style it with a plain tee and a denim. You won’t even look overdressed if you wear it to your office or at a grocery store.                                        Neckpiece: Accessorize

Pro-tip: I’m repeating this again, If you wear a bold statement neckpiece don’t overdo it with other jewellery. Try to keep rest of your look as simple as you can. Let your neckpiece shine. Bold lip is a great compliment! Believe me or not, When I wear a bold necklace, I avoid extra jewellery all together.

So, dolls are you going to try statement neckpieces this spring? :’) Let me know what you think!

xoxo –





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