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4 Awesome Highlighters That’ll Make You Glow

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Let It Glow!

Admit it, a touch of  glow on the cheek doesn’t hurt! There is no denying the fact that strobing is the hottest makeup trend of the year. Face highlighters have become the newest makeup craze, and rightfully so. Remember’ After you are done with your entire makeup, go in with a little highlighter, but the awesome highlighters. Also, The more glow the better! Well When it comes to highlighters, I have lots of favourites and they are all favourites for different reasons.  Let me take you through 4 best/awesome highlighters that I have been loving for a while now. Okay so before getting there lemme tell you that I prefer using a cream or liquid highlighter as it’s easy to work with and blends easily with fingertips. Also, it’s important that you use a highlighter that best matches your skin tone.

Awesome Highlighters 

  • Watt’s up!                                                                                                           Let’s talk about benefit highlighters that are the best highlighter for oily skin trust me. I’ve talked about highbeam and sunbeam before which you can find here 🙂. After using these two I got my hands on Watt’s up and I’m totally in love with it! It’s a lovely champagne highlighter that looks fabulous on cheekbones & down the centre of the nose. It creates a gorgeous natural glow. Also, it is a beautiful creamy multipurpose makeup stick, and the reason why I love it is that it goes really well my oily skin. I use this almost every day, even on days when I only wear concealer and mascara, I add this highlighter. It’s very easy to blend and looks awesome on the face! 
  • Girl meets pearl and lives radiantly ever after!                                      Another one that I wanted to talk about is girl meets pearl. I JUST LOVE IT’S PACKAGING! This one highlighter was designed to be applied all over your face for a dewy glow, but go easy as this can look a bit much. Just dot it on the T-zone of your face and it will give you a very natural look and healthy look. When I wear it, it helps me look a bit more awake, like it’s just perfect on a Monday morning, perfect for an everyday glow and best for killer cheekbones. If you have not met Girl Meets Pearl yet, It’s time! Go grab one. she has a fine impression.

Awesome Highlighters

Mac Strobe Cream!                                                                                                   It’s an absolute mush have highlighter. The thing what I love most about the MAC Strobe cream is the fact that it’s so multi functional. You can use it in multiple ways like you can mix it with your foundation (this will give you that glow from within), you can make this as extreme or as natural as you want, It all depends on how you love doing it.This awesome highlighter gives you a  slight glow, but nothing major. It’s just the best highlighter for that no make-up, make up look, haha 😛 I really recommend this product, in my opinion it’s the ultimate strobing essential! It’s one of an awesome highlighters. Awesome Highlighters

  • Essence Soo Glow!  This highlighter is a cream to powder that I have been using lately. It comes in two shades a pink and an ivory. You can achieve a subtle soft glow with this one. The colour is a silver/champagne colour which creates a great deal of luminosity to the skin. A little goes a long way so only a small dab of this product and you’re good to glow! 🙂 It’s staying power is not that great but it goes really well for like 5 to 6 hours. Apart from that it’s very cheap and easy to blend in.

    Awesome Highlighters

Okayy! So these 4 are the awesome highlighters that I have been using and loving lately. Also,I found the best way to get the most out of this formula is using – blending in all them highlighters with my fingers. The reason why? because’ this warms up the product and allows it to blend well in to your skin perfectly.

So, where to apply highlighter for strobing? This question comes like a lot and even sometimes we are just too confused about where exactly to wear highlighters. Well, Here’s the cheat sheet as well as you can use the highlighter where light would naturally hit your face (cheekbones, brow bones, the center of your forehead, down the bridge of your nose, above your cupid’s bow and center of your chin. Basically the T-zone) Don’t spread the product all over your face, or else your glow will turn into a greasy mess and you will start hating it.

Awesome Highlighters

    ‘Apply the highlighter under the eyes, above the brows and on the browbone to add life and brightness, which ultimately helps you to look healthier and younger,’ says celebrity makeup artist Geoffrey Rodriguez.

Another thing to consider when looking in to highlighters is the skin tone. Some highlighters can be cool toned and frosty, which is perfect for those of you who have a paler complexion. If you have an Olive or Deeper skin tone, Go for something which has more of a gold tone to it. Something like Sunbeam. It has a really good golden tone. All of the above grab the one that work well with your skin colour.

I hope this helped! 🙂 How many of you love using highlighter or wanting to try something new? Let me know in the comments!

With Love, Zahra! <3 

P.s you can get all these highlighters here at the lowest prices! 🙂

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